The finished product, scratch built using Kyle Lindstrom's excellent plans.

My mate and my wife playing Galaga.

The replica stools I picked up from Freedom Furniture for $30.00

The 6x9 speaker, speaker grills, glass clips and coin door where ordered through Arcade Shop

The bezel was created useing Tailgunners $2 Bezel instructions. It was hard work, but the only option as the PC monitor was a different size to the original arcade monitors.

The controls and iPAC-2 where ordered through OzStick who where great to deal with.

The artwork for the top and control panels where printed by Sun Industries here in Perth W.A.

The colour chosen is "Affinity" by Dulux and was applied with a quality roller.

The computer is a Pentium IV 1.7Ghz, 128Mb RAM, 4Gb HDD, 64Mb MX440 Video card, 10/100 LAN, Soundblaster Sound Card, 300watt ATX PSU.

The monitor I used is an LG 910B 19" computer monitor.

The hacked speaker volume control and CAT-5 network point for remote maintanence.

The 6x9 shielded speaker and air grill from Arcade Shop

The iPAC-2 is wired with data cable to keep the wiring tidy.

The 120mm 12v exaust fan running on the 7v hack.

The extended front OSD controls so that I can make adjustments with the lid closed.

Yes the coin door is only for looks, no room for a coin box under there.

It's amazing how much room there is in there.

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