Introduction to Paperlace Easter Competition

The Winning Cards for each section are on display for you too see.


Please note there are 3 pages of Cards to View.

Page 1Page 2Page 3

Please read all this page before proceeding further.

The following pages are your cards for the competition

Prizes for this competition have been donated by

Bookara_Parch Design


the winner in each section will have the credit for their card on the cover of the Easter Pattern Pack.


When you have browsed through all the cards there is a poll in the Paperlace site in the database.

 If you click on the smiley face below you should be taken straight to the Paperlace Voting Page

When you open up the Voting Template.

When you go into the database click on "Add Record" and you will be given the record to put  your numbers in.

Please choose one only number for each Pattern, so the one you like best is the number you add to each pattern. There are 6 patterns in Total and you will need to vote for one card in all 6 sections.


Some of the scans have been so huge when sent to me that when you enlarge you will not be able to see them, I will try and find the time to put these ones into a graphics program and reduce them for you however that seems highly unlikely at this point in time.

In Section 2 one of the cards has an A and a B view, this is because it is a Pop Up type card and the little chicken pops up in the basket when you pull on a side Tab.

Good luck to you all.