AAA = Amazingly Appropriate Abbreviation.

AAMOF = As A Matter Of Fact.

ABCD = Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

ABM = After Bar Munchies.

ACW = Another call waiting.

AD/AD = Actual Day / Actual Date.

AFAIC = As Far As I'm Concerned.

AFAIK = As Far As I Know.

AFAYC = As Far As You're Concerned.

AFK = Away From Keyboard.

AFG = Absolute Flaming Garbage.

AHOB = Absolute Height Of Boredom.

AI = Artificial Intelligence.

AISI = As I See It.

AK = Acknowledged.

AKA = Also Known As.

ALAMO = Accept it, Laugh And Move On

ALO = At Least Once.

ANFSCD = And Now For Something Completely Different.

AMH = Awkward Man Hug.

AML = All My Love.

AOB = Abuse Of Bandwidth.

AOS = All Options Suck.

ASAP = AS Soon As Possible.

ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

ASL? = Age/Sex/Location?

ATNA = All Talk No Action.

ATST = At The Same Time.

AU = Another Universe. Fan-fiction stories not based on 'cannon' i.e. they use the characters from established stories for their own stories.

AWGTHTGTTA = Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?

AYSOS = Are You Stupid Or Something? Back to Top


B = Brother or Blood (ie blood relative) Hi, my B!

B4 = Before. Text messaging.

B4N = Bye For Now. Text messaging.

B8 = Bait. Text messaging. Back to Top

BAF = Bored As Flame. Bored now...

BAF = Bring A Friend.

BAP = Bring A Plate. (Munchies 4 a party).

BBL = Be Back Later.

BDN = Big Damn Number.

BEM = Bug Eyed Monsters.

BFD = Big Flaming Deal.

BFF = Best Friends Forever.

BFN = Bye For Now.

BIOS = Basic Input Output System.

BITD = Back In The Day.

BM = Byte Me.

BOBFOC = Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch.

BOHCAO = Bend Over Here Comes Another One.

BOGA = Bend Over, Grab Ankles.

BOTW = Bouncing Off The Walls.

BPS = Bits Per Second.

BRB = Be Right Back.

BSOD = Blue Screen of Death. The notorious fatal error message common to Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT operating systems.

BTA = But Then Again.

BTDT = Been There Done That.

BTL = Better Than Life.

BTW = By The Way.

BUCCM = But U Can Call Me.

BYOB = Bring Your Own Beer.

BYU = Bobs Your Uncle. Back to Top


C/P = Cross Post

CATTAC = Chief Assistant to the Assistant Chief.

CD-ROM = Compact Disc - Read Only Memory.

CMIIW = Correct Me If I'm Wrong.

CPU = Central Processing Unit.

CSI = Crime Scene Investigation. TV show.

Cul8r = See You Later. Text messaging.

CYA = Cover Your Ass

CYAWBH = Cover your ass with both hands.

CYL = See You Later. Back to Top


D/C = Disconnected.

DIF = Device Input Format.

DILLGAFF = Do I Look Like I Give A Flying 'Flame'?

DKDC = Don't Know Don't Care.

DNPM = Darn Near Pissed Myself.

DQOTD = Dumb Question Of The Day.

DS9 (ST) = Deep Space Nine (Star Trek). TV show.

DS = Due South. TV show. Back to Top


EG or <eg> = Evil Grin. Evil Grin.

EMO - Emotive, or emotional.

EOD = End Of Discussion.

EOF = End Of File.

EOL = End Of Lecture.

EOM = End Of Message

ESOSL = Endless Snorts Of Stupid Laughter.


FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions.

FIGJAM = Flame, I'm Good. Just Ask Me!

FITB = Fill In The Blank.

FOAD = Fall Over And Die.

Frames - refers to the partitioning of a site's page into 2 or more viewable sections. These segments can be viewed or scrolled. And they are a pain in the arse.

FTL = Faster Than Light.

FTP = File Transport Protocol.

FUBAR = 'Flamed' Up Beyond All Recognition.

FUBB = 'Flamed' Beyond Belief.

FWIW = For What It's Worth.

FYI = For Your Information. Back to Top


g or *G* or <g> = Grin. Smile

GA = Go Ahead.

GAL = Get A Life

GD&R = Grin, Duck and Run.

GFU = General 'Flame' Up.

GI = Graphic Intensive.

GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike.

GOK = God Only Knows.

GOSC = Ghost Of Southern Cross.

GTFO = Get the Flame Out! You're joking, right?

GTG = Got To Go. Back to Top


HHJJ = Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

HMFIC = Head Mother 'Flamer' In Charge.

HP = Harry Potter. Book, film, media phenomena.

http = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Back to Top


I/F = Interface.

I/O = Input/Output.

IAC = In Any Case.

IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer.

Ib = Latin words meaning 'also by'.

IDIC = Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

IIBNF = Illegal, Immoral, But Not Fattening.

IIRC = If I Recall Clearly.

IITYWYBMAB = If I tell You, Will You Buy Me A Beer?

IITYWYBMAD = If I Tell You, Will You Buy Me Another Drink?

ILM = Industrial Light and Magic.

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion.

INPO = In No Particular Order.

IOW = In Other Words.

IRC = Internet Relay Chat. A Chat room.

IRN = In Related News.

IUN = In Unrelated News. Back to Top


JAFO = Just Another Flaming Observer.

JEEP = Junk, Each & Every Part.

JLH = Jack Lives Here (Jack Daniel's the whisky) i.e. the sender is saying 'I like a drink while I surf the net.' Back to Top


KB = Kilo Byte.

KCBIWIYWI = Keep Coming Back, It Works If You Work It.

KIR = Keep It Real.

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid.

KIT = Keep In Touch.

KMA = Kiss My Arse.

KMF = Kiss My Fist.

KO = Knocked Out. Back to Top


LA = Laugh Aloud.

LAMO = Laugh My Ass Off.

LLAP = Live Long And Prosper.

LLTA = Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause.

LOC = Letter Of Comment.

LOL = Laugh Out Loud.

LOTR = Lord Of The Rings. Book, films, animation, art work, Role Playing Games, inspiration for the generations that follow.

LP = Long Post. Back to Top


MB = Mega Byte.

Meme - Member idea that gets passed along. Internet chat rooms.

MIME = Multipart Internet Mail Extension.

MIPS = Millions Of Instructions Per Second.

Mirror = a site which carries an exact copy of another, but is in a different location: for easier access or to avoid being tracked down and crashed.

MIZ = Marginal Ice Zone.

MO = Modis Operandi.

MOTAS = Member Of The Appropriate Sex.

MOTOS = Member Of The Opposite Sex.

MOTSS = Member Of The Same Sex.

MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

MS = Micro Soft (THEM - the leaders in computing and ...everything, really).

MS = Mary Sue. Story character based on a fan stories author - notable for being cleverer, prettier and better than the fandoms actual characters.

Msg = Message.

MUNG = Mash Until No Good.

MYOB = Mind Your Own Business. Back to Top


NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Admin.

NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

NCR = Not Cat (chat) Related.Cat nap

NICBDAT = Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes.

NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard.

Nm = No Message.

NPLU = Not People Like Us.

NQOS = Not Quite Our Sort.

Ns = No Shit.

Nt = No Text. Back to Top


OFC = Original Female Character. Fan Fiction.

OMG = Oh My Gods!

OIC = Oh, I See.

OS = Operating System.

OT = Off Topic.

OTOH = On The Other Hand.

O RLY - Oh, really? Internet chat. Back to Top


PASA = Pagan & Atheist Scum Alliance.

PMBYMHMMFSWGAD = Pardon Me, But You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn.

POETS = Pass On Everything, Tomorrows Saturday.

POST = Power On Self Test.

Post - message sent to a chat line (It is 'posted up' for everyone to see.)

PROM = Pre/Programmable Read Only Memory.


QED = Quad Erat Demonstrandum = which was demonstrated = I'm right, nahnah nar nahnah!

QGUT = Quiet, Grown Ups Talking. Chat room.


R/O = Receiver Only.

RAM = Random Access Memory.

REMF = Rear Echelon Mother 'Flamer'.

RL = Real Life.

RLL = Run Length Limited.

ROTBA = Reality On The Blink Again.

ROTFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

ROTFLASTC = Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cats.

ROTFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off.

ROTM = Right On The Money.

RPG = Role Playing Game.

RSN = Real Soon Now.

RTFM = Read The 'Flaming' Manual.

RTG = Reports To God. Back to Top


SAPFU = Surpassed All Previous 'Flame' Ups.

SFTLP = Sorry For The Long Post.

SFX = Special Effects.

SIG = Special Interest Group.

SNAFU = Situation Normal, All 'Flamed' Up.

SO = Significant Other.

SOC = Successful Original Character. Fan Fiction.

SOP = Standard Operational Procedures.

ST = Star Trek. TV show, movies, fandom nation.

SWAG = Simple Wild Ass Guess.

SYT = Sweet Young Thing. Back to Top


TANJ = There 'Aint No Justice.

TED = The Evil Doctor (vet).

TGIF = Thank God It's Friday.

TIC = Tongue In Cheek.

TINALO = This is Not A Legal Opinion.

TINAR = This Is Not A Recommendation.

TLA = Three Letter Acronym.

TPTB = The Powers That Be.

TS = The Sentinel. TV show.

TTBOMK = To The Best Of My Knowledge.

TTFN = Ta Ta For Now.

TWAIN = Tech Without An Interesting Name - the go between for software and a scanner, really used because 'never the twain shall meet.'

TTYL = Talk To You Later.

TYVM = Thank You Very Much. Back to Top


U = You. Text messaging.


VBG = Very Big Grin.Very Big Grin

Viral - something that gets massively passed along.

V-RAM = Video Random Access Memory. Back to Top


WAMKSAM = Why Are My Kitties Staring At Me?

WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get.



YAI = Yet Another Inconsistency.

YAP = Yet Another Ploy.

YAR = Yet Another Rumour.

YASQ = Yet Another Stupid Question.

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary. Back to Top


ZOD = Zone Of Discretion (stop talking - they are behind you!)

Zzz = I am bored with this post, can we talk about something else. Back to Top

Thanks to Chris McKeown, Marty Buchaus, Lindsay and others for
adding to this over the years. It's appreciated!


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