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Are you an Anarchist


Mark the following questionnaire with one of these responses:

A = strongly agree. B = moderately agree. C = slightly agree.

D = slightly disagree. E = moderately disagree. F = strongly disagree.

1. Patriotism and Loyalty are the first and most important requirements of a good citizen.

2. Foreign refugees may be in need, but it would be a mistake to relax our immigration quotas and allow them to flood the country.

3. Every person should have faith in some supernatural force higher than themselves to which they give total allegiance and whose decisions they do not question.

4.Young people some times get rebellious ideas, but as they grow up, they ought to get over them and settle down.

5. When a person has a problem or worry, it is best them not to think about it, but to keep busy with more cheerful things.

6. Most people don't know how much of their lives are controlled by plots hatched in secret by politicians.

7. No weakness or difficulty can hold us back if we have enough will power.

8. The wild sex-life of the Romans and Greeks was tame compared to some of the goings-on in this country, even in places where people might least expect.

Give the results these values: A=7. B=6. C=5. D=3. E=2. F=1.

Add the total of all the questions.

Between 24 and 40 is an average score (two thirds of the population). Most people fall here. They are the normal ones.

Above 40 is an authoritarian score (one sixth of the population).

Below 24 is non-authoritarian (or Anarchist,) score. (again, one sixth of the population).


This questionnaire was designed in the aftermath of WW2.

The people who made it concluded that a person with an authoritarian personality tends to see human relationships in hierarchical terms, with leaders giving orders and followers obeying them (items 3&4). They gain a feeling of security by being loyal to an in-group (item 1) and are hostile to outsiders (item 2). They find having conflicts or mixed up feelings about something difficult to cope with (item 5). They deal with these conflicts by projecting unpleasant or sexual motives onto other people (items 6&8), also by seeing them selves as powerful and tough and denying any feelings of weakness or inadequacy (item 7). And just so you know, authoritarians make the best dog owners.

(I got this entire questionnaire from the book 'Dog's Best Friend' by Valerie O'Farrell.J)



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