Fire Frog's


Here it is, my first award. Yay!


from Galsan!

Where Is Fire Frog?

Spot the Frog!

Here are all the places Little Pad One has turned up in that I know of. If you spot any more, let me know!

The Geraldton Guardian.

Did an article on my Brain Tumour page. They spelt my name wrong, gave the wrong web page address and left some of the more important information on tumour's out all together. Sigh - local newspapers.



They gave me their editor's choice award! Called me up out of the blue! Cool!


Australian Airbrush Art

A picture of the frog van appeared in Australian Airbrush Art Vol 3 Issue 2, May 2001. Mike Jarvis has had several other examples of his works appear in there as well!
Mike rocks!

Australia's Internet Directory July 2002

I wrote in to tell 'em they were a bit one eyed on a certain subject and said - oh yeah, while I'm here, give my web page a plug. They did, but they also included the entire content of my e-mail to 'em, which I had not thought they would do. Bastards. Still, 'aint no such thing as a free lunch, huh guys?


The Bulletin Magazine

Asked me for info on mopeds, because of my moped page. Never got to see the article (it's a Sydney publication) so I'm not sure if my page was mentioned or not.

Gulf Coast Computing Magazine

Little Pad One got a mention from this group in Florida, USA. E-mailed me out of the blue too, didn't see the write up myself so don't know what it was like. But the guy who contacted me - Bob - sounded cool. He liked things Australian, which is why he ended up here, he hooked up with the Australian dictionary page!


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