Fire Frog's

Lil' Babies!Lil'

I love babies, they taste great.

I love babies too, wanna swap recipes?

Personally, I love children. Especially broiled with hollandaise

Now that IS perverted, and in terrible taste. Everyone knows that they
taste best stir-fried, with soy sauce.

Indeed. While some may think that children are best served for breakfast,
I prefer them for lunch, sautéed with beure blanc sauce.

Happy campers, being sweet and wholesome,
make the most appetising and filling of breakfasts.

Teenagers are great too. I couldn't eat a whole one but.

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 P.S. Fire Frog does not advocate the eating of babies, this is a joke page. Fire Frog is in fact a vegetarian and would no sooner chow down on a baby than she would a cat, or horse, or cow. Fire Frog is ambivalent however on cockroaches. So if you want to eat them, go ahead. Fire Frog won't chastise you. Although, it is a bit sick. Very sick. But if cockroach eating is your thing, don't let Fire Frog stand in your way. Go for it.

You sick, sick people!