Fire Frog's

Beaded Jug Cover

You will need



Seed beads

Bugle beads

Beading needle

Strong thread

Needle threader

Glue / Nailpolish

Heavy fancy beads



Cut out a net circle a little bigger than the jug you
want to cover the top of.

Thread a needle and attach it to the edge of the net. Thread on a bead, then go around the outside threading beads using a gentle in and out stitch.

Don't worry if there are gaps and the circle is uneven, that's just the way it's supposed to look. When you reach the spot you started tie off, glue the knot closed and
take a break.

Tie on again, and spear the bead next to the knot. Then thread on as many beads as you need to fill the gap between that bead and the one next to it.

As you go round the circle doing this the number of
beads used may vary. In the piece below I went from
two's to mostly ones, then back again.

Tie off when you finish the circle.


beaded jug begining.

In the picture above the first, loose, bead ring for
the jug cover is shown on the left,
the second filled in one is on the right.
Note the needle used is a proper beading needle.

Next get a really long piece of thread.
Tie on to the edge, go through a fixed on bead,
then thread on twenty one or so beads (whatever
will get you a nice drooping span - but make it
an uneven number!)

Move in the same direction as the needle comes out that first bead. Count along ten beads attached to the net, go through the tenth bead and pull until beads make a nice firm (not tight) arch. Repeat until you have gone all the way around.

NOTE: You can replace several of the seed beads
with bugle one in the loops. Just work out how
many beads take up the same length of bugle
bead - remove two lots of that number of beads
and replace with the bugles. Be sure to have a seed
bead in the middle spot though and all will work fine!

Make a quick knot, go down one arch until you reach the middle bead (an uneven number ie bead eleven from an arch of twenty one) Thread that eleventh bead on. Then thread on another twenty one beads (we'll go with twenty one, it'll get confusing otherwise!).

Now go through the eleventh bead on the next arch over, in the same direction that the needle came out.

Jug cover 2

The picture above shows the needle going in the same direction as it came out from the arch before.

I have also added a heavier fancy bead at the apex
of the final arches, the weight from these help hold
the cover on and make the cover look nice as well.

Finish going all round the jug with the final arches, sew back into the last arch and tie off.

You now have a finished jug cover!


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