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Bead Jewellery And Things.

There is a whole heap of beading goodies you
might wish to invest in, here is a page with some of
them listed and a brief description of what they do/are.

List of Stuff

Additional needs - good lighting, clear work space,
multi pocketed storage of some kind,
pinch/thin nosed pliers with built in wire cutters,
fingernails of steel or, okay, tweezers.


The Sentinel jewelry.

I strung these using beads/charms I made using Polyclay.
The jaguar choker in the middle has three paw print
dangles made using
head pins and jump rings.

The necklaces are strung on metallic elastic thread using
jump rings. The plaque necklace on the left has a
golden heart shaped
charm attached to it by a jump ring.

beaded set's.

These necklaces are strung on tiger tail.
They have
charms strung on them and are closed
lobster claw fasteners.

The matching bracelets are done on memory wire,
their dangles are on

Made up on request - given sizes and recipients
favourite colours - amethyst and silver / green and orange.

I made matching boxes to go with them too.
Crafting can be such fun!

 Scattered bits and pieces that will have to do until I get round to making this page up properly...

One of the important things about bracelets and necklaces
is the type of fasteners you use with them. If it opens too
easily the piece will come open and fall off (never to
be seen again). If it is too fiddly then putting it on becomes
a trial and it won't be worn as much as it should.

Five bracelets

This picture shows five bracelets. The first one circled in red
is a nasty
screw up fastener, already unwinding itself!
The second circled fastener is also a screw up type, but unlike
the others it has three strands of beads attached to it. If you
look to either side of that fastener you will see two 'balls'.

These are called calottes; they are used to hide the big
untidy knots that the extra strings make. When you get them
the little balls are open in half, you just have to fit them over
the knots and close them up tight to hide those ugly knots
away! The other fasteners are
bolt rings.

Bugle bead bracelets.

These bolt ring fastened bracelets are made using 'bugle' beads -
which are the long thin ones. The multi coloured one is very
pretty, but single coloured ones with accenting '
beads (the little beads) can look quite elegant.

The secret to getting the ends of the bracelets to fit
snug against the fasteners is to only loop through
the fasteners
attachment rings - don't tie off on them.
Instead tighten and tie the knot after threading it back a
bit into the bracelet.

bracelet selection.

Here is another selection of bracelets mum and I have made.
On the far left is a bracelet strung on
beading thread that
used a fastener you make yourself.

I've drawn the loop and bead using red and green dots
so you can see how it works better.

The top blue bracelet uses the new plastic stretch fishing line
like stuff. The knot I made and coated with nail polish to
fasten it has been circled.

The bottom one is the same, using contrasting
red center beads.

The beads at the top right are strung on ordinary elastic,
good enough for big beads but will stretch in time, so
double threading it prolongs its life.

The daisy chain bracelet under that is threaded on ordinary
fishing line and was a tiny bit over tightened.

General Hints:

Remember that fishing line does tighten over time and
leave a bit of slack (5mm or so) to allow for this.


Place beads ready to use in little dishes, with different
colours per dish. Saves you having to look for them later.

Put out more beads than the pattern requires, as you
often have them pinging off into the stratosphere, never to
be seen again (till spring cleaning, when an entire bucket
load of the things will be discovered under the settee.)

Use something with a long runnel in it to pre arrange
necklace beads. The idea is to lay out the necklace as you are
going to have it look when completed, then you can just pick
the beads up in order and thread them on.

Here is a brought bead board.

Setting things out on it helps get the necklace balanced,
so you can even out bead size, as well as cutting down
'hunting for the next bead' time.

I find that buying a kids bead necklace set and using
the plastic moulded packaging from it works great.
There are all sorts of other things you can use for this, the
internet is full of ideas!


Use longer thread than you think you will need.

But remember, the longer the thread, the more likely snarls
are to occur. So if your piece needs lots of thread, look for a
nice place to tie off as you go and do so. That way if you do get
a snarl you can back track to the tied off point,
re attach and keep going.


Beads are fiddly to pick up, get yourself one of those finger
tip things with the sticky/grabby end available now in craft stores.

Alternatives include wetting a fingertip to pick small beads
up, wetting the end of a strand of uncooked spaghetti
noodle until it becomes sticky or, if the beads are light
enough, using a triangular cut piece of post-it note to
snag that elusive bead!


If you place a bath towel under your work area, the beads that
do fall wont bounce, and should be easier to find again.

Use a torch to search the floor, they sparkle and make it easier to
highlight and find missing beads.


If you do not have a beading needle (a special long,
very thin sewing needle) you can cheat. Coat one end
of your beading thread in nail polish for 4 to 5 cm. Let it harden,
then use the stiffened thread just like a needle! It really works!


Use nail polish or something similar to 'set' the knots in your
work so that they do not come undone. This works even
with the new stretchy plastic thread, although you might
want to give it several coats and keep tension on the knot
while it dries.


Always double tie your knots if possible. And leave more
left over 'tail' thread than you think you need because tying
ity-wee bits of thread together to finish off your bracelet etc
is a pain in the bum!

How To Make A

-Beaded Jug Cover

-Beaded Hatpin

- Glasses Chains

- Beaded Bracelet (still to come)

- Beaded Necklace (still to come)



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