Cosmic Cat.

Sturdy ginger and white ex tom, with green/amber eyes and a pink nose.

Nick names - sweety po, ratbag, handsome.

Brother of Kismit. A charming and smoozy cat. Has a loud and oft used voice, Persian in its expressability. He loves to be brushed, and sheds a lot to encourage that action. When he wants your attention, he puts one paw on your knee, and either taps your face with the other paw if you are sitting down, or taps the air as if reaching for something if you are standing up.


Cinnibar climbs tree, chased after by Kismit.

A friend at work had kittens to find homes for, and as one had a bad eye, he was worried it wouldn't find a home. Hah, walk in sucker number one (which would be me.) Two of the litter came to live at my place and took over the joint.

Cinnibar got his name because his mother's name was Crystal, and I wanted to name him after a gem stone, like she was. Cinnabar is a gemstone with cream and ginger waves, like my Cinni's fur.

At first I gave them 'supervised' outings in the garden, where Kismit would climb a tree, and Cinnibar mostly longed under the house. Then Kismit almost got run over, and Cinni got attacked by another cat (hiding under the car).

After the tragedy with Southern Cross, I decided to keep them in as long as possible, and build a cat run. One day I had to fumigate the house, so off they went to the cattery, for a daylong stay. Cinni came back with a bite at the base of his tail. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised the people let the cats mingle for part of the day, as exercise. This sounds nice, but for Cinni it eventually had a terrible result.

Young cats

Kismit and Cinnibar.

love heart
Lucifur came to stay, and he fully lived up to his name. He and Cinni were of a size and could happily tussle about the house for hours, and did. While Luci liked to spray things to mark his territory, Kismit and Cinnibar sharpen their claws on them. They nearly went threw a wooden stepladder, and swiftly demolished the home made scratching post. The expensive hessian scratching pads I brought were completely ignored. They all got into my loose stamp collection one day, and made a hell of a mess. And the boys would curl up and sleep together, sweet as can be.


In case of fire, please save my 2 house bound cats. Thank you.

After the terrible bush fires over east, I decided to put this sign up outside my door (the original one had Lucifur in it too.) A moment I remember from the TV broadcast of the fires was of this poor lady, in tears, because they wouldn't let her go back home to get her cat. It was locked in the house. I really felt for her. The fire fighters where right in keeping her back, but it must have been heart wrenching for her.

I went on holiday, leaving the terrible three at the cattery again. When I went back to pick them up, Kismet and Cinni were hiding in a cupboard with six other kitties (looked cute as anything when they all peeked out at me) and Lucifur was stalking about, dominating the other cats like a sleek little panther.

Kitty Bath.  

A young man needs his beauty sleep when and where he can get it!

Soon after Cinni began loosing weight at an alarming rate. He was skin and bones in no time at all. Tests showed he had FIV, a feline kind of aids. He had received it from that bite on his tail at the cattery. He was injected, and drugged, and cried upon, till eventually he got a little better. Reluctantly I rehoused Lucufur, as tests showed neither he nor Kismit had the disease.

But removal of Kismit, who I had always thought would be the one to fall fatally ill, because of the rickets she had as a kitten, felt wrong. I thought that it would kill Cinnibar to loose his sister. Besides - he would chase Kismit, but not 'fight' her, so she was pretty safe from catching it anyway.

That was several years ago. They are still doing fine, I have them on a good diet, in a climate controlled house, regular check ups, no contact with other cats (for all their safeties) and have had their teeth de-scaled. If only they would eat bones, to keep their teeth clean, but nooo.

Talking of eating, awhile back, mum said to me "Cinnibar's getting fat." "No he isn't!" I denied, indignantly. Latter that night I heard a loud 'thump', and went to investigate. Cinni sat under the open (but securely flywired) window, busily licking his tail with studied nonchalance. Oh yes, he had fallen off the window sill. Maybe he was a little chubby.

I followed his movements closely after that, and found he was helping himself to the bulk biscuits. A secure plastic container were purchased, and his weight dropped to normal.

Then there was the sucked up tablet problem. I was taking tablets at midnight, after a hard day at work with the flu. I lined up my little tablets and swallowed them with a sip of water. But wait, I was one short. Inner vision replays Cinnibar sauntering past. Little beast. Debate in mind weather it was worth phoning vet at midnight over possible slurped up tablet, eventually did.

Boy, am I glad I did. I left him with the vet who had a huge book of medicines in his hands. Apparently soon afterwards my poor sweety-po went into convulsion. I would not know what to do had they happened at home, and would probably have panicked big time.

Tablets are carefully put away now in my house.

Cinnibar also had 'Fatty Liver' and is the first cat in Western Australia to have had the stomach tube insertion operation. This saved his life and I fed him through the tube for a long, long time until he was able to eat on his own again.

Cinnibar is brave and determined and I love him for his fighting spirit.
Go Cinnibar!

Cinni Poem.
This is for Cinnibar, who's battled long.
I beg him to please stay strong.
To fight and never, ever give in.
To hold tight and eventually win.
For if I should ever loose his light.
Hot tears would wash away my sight.
Sobs would come to stop up my ears.
Life would be colder for all my years.

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