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Fonts For All Occasions!

Everything from web pages to computer generated cards can be improved with fancy lettering. An alphabet made in a particular style is called a 'font'.

Some common fonts include Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Tahoma and Courier New. They should already be in your computer, accessible in Word, Works, Office and Front Page, but not in Note Pad.

You can pick a font to use from either a drop-down menu in the formatting toolbox or by clicking Format > Fontů at the top toolbar.

To get more fancy fonts you can download them from the internet or buy a CD of different ones from a computer store. I got mine on the net, from a free archive.

Note: I will try and show some of the fonts below, but many browsers are set up to overwrite the page they are displaying with the viewers choice of font. If your browser is set up like this the picture fonts etc will just look like random letters. b

To get the new fonts on your computer you will need to download the font files. They will have the extension .ttf (true type font). Pop them into your Download folder - by drag and drop if they are on CD, or following the download procedures from the online font library.

Note: Don't download directly into your font folder, as it still won't be 'registered' for use with the applications like Word. Instead use the Download folder.

The files may be zipped, after downloading them unzip the files using Winzip.

Click Start>Settings>Control Panel. Double click the Fonts icon, this will take you to the 'Font Settings' window. Click 'File' from the top toolbar and choose 'Install New Font' from the dropdown menu.

Select C: in the Drive window and navigate your way to the 'Download' folder. IMPORTANT *Click the checkbox at the bottom of the window and marked with a tick.* Now click the 'Select All' button to download all the font files you have in the Download folder, or just highlight one or two (use the held down 'Ctrl' key to pick two or more).

Click the OK button to install the new fonts. Check the font has shown up in the fonts page, then delete the copy from the Download folder to keep clutter from running rampant!

Note: If you try to install a font which is already installed, you will be presented with a warning window telling you that you cannot install the font unless you first un-install it. Continue downloading the other fonts by clicking the 'OK' button.

In the Font folder you can click on any of the fonts and a page will pop up showing the complete alphabet done in the font, in various sizes, bold, italic etc. You can print this page out and put it in a ring-binder file for easy recognition of fonts.

When you get a lot of fonts it becomes hard to remember what they all look like, the ring binder is an excellent memory jogger!

Note: When you go to use a font some characters may be missing, replaced by small black boxes instead of letters. Not all font designers include full character sets for their fonts. This could mean the font is only available in upper-case. When you try to use the font in lower-case you get the black box where the character you specify should have been.

Note - It's fine to use fonts for home craft projects, or that 'special'
shopping list, but some fonts have
copyrights on them and should
not be used on
web pages or commercial craft items ie stuff you
intend to



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