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Please note, I live in Western Australia, and while happy to e mail anybody with help, ideas etc, I won't phone you, so make sure you have a working return e mail address. Ta!

And I don't sell anything! Not kits, not materials, nothing! This is just a page on craft ideas I want to share with other crafters! For free! Enjoy.

heartBeady Critters.

heart Bead Jewellery And Things.


heartMiniature Figures. Plastic/Lead Military and Fantasy.

heartDream Webs.

heartRubber Stamping.

heart Decoupage. 3-D pictures and more.

heart Faberge Eggs

heart Flower Arranging.

heart Embossing Stencils.

heart Encaustic Art - wax painting.


heart Pomanders.

heartXmass Stuff. Tree Decoration, Crackers, Ornaments etc.

heart Fairy Lights for Beginners.

heart Fairy Lights for Beginners -Windows.


heartEaster Page.

heartTwisted Cords and Tassels.


heartThe Earring Net.

heart Painting On Stone.

heart  Wooden cutouts.

  Computer Craft. New


Stuff that is coming...
Blue prints.
unfinished Water colours.
 Plastic Model Kits. Robots, Cars etc
heartSun Catchers.
heartPhoto Board.
heartMobiles and Wind Chimes.
heartGift Wrapping.
Pressed Flowers.
Colours. Hints about.

Wishing Well Wave.

A crafty way for helping the victims of the Boxing Day tsunami.


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