Nicknames; DeeWee, D for Dog.

Appearance: Brown Kelpie/Healer cross with white paws, muzzle and tip of her tail.

Found by the RSPCA as an abandoned puppy in a yard with no food or water. Taken in by my mother as a family pet. She was mum's dog, crafty and cunning and generous. There was a white tip to the end of her tail. No matter the look of her offspring, and she smiled upon many daddy dogs in her time, every puppy had that white tip to it's tail. She was an excellent mother. Living in a semi rural area, she could roam free. Sitting out the front of the yard, she developed a habit of nabbing the kids as they passed our house by the coat sleeve and holding them hostage until they gave her a pat. Then they could go on their way. J

While out and about her rounds one day she somehow came across a giant fish. There was this little brown dog, grinning from ear to ear, with a huge fish flopping out the sides of her mouth, trotting down the middle of the road. We lived in fear of the wrath of an unknown fisherman for ages after!

Then she found a goat's head at the meat works, and no-matter how my father tossed that thing away, she found it and brought it back. Mmm, yummy.

Another yummy thing was to be the fate of the little chicks we brought for the back yard. They were placed in a little wire cage, ready to go in the big pen when it was secured. But the chicks found a hole and wormed their way out. The only sign left of them was their little footprints in the dirt, then one single paw print. Dee had struck. Well, dogs are opportunists, after all.

Now my Nanny and Grandad had a little Pekinese called Lady. They came to visit and as a treat for sharing nicely, Dee was given two squares of chocolate. Delicately she picked them up and turning trotted over to Lady and gave them to her. Tail wagging happily Lady slurped them up.

When we moved to Rollystone we had more room, so decided to keep one of Dee's puppies, K-9. She was a collie cross, with the inevitable white tip to her tail. Dee and K-9 got on wonderfully together. Some how K-9 seemed to stay a puppy, and when she had her first litter it was of a solitary pup. She was very distressed by the little creature, so Dee, who had whelped at the same time, adopted it into her new litter. Shortly after they were both de-sexed, Dee had done a fine job of bringing many little ones into the world, but K-9 was just not cut out for it.

In Rollystone we would go for walks around the property, us, Dee, K-9, Thea, Toby, Indy, Cloudy and the two geese merrily tramping the woods and splashing threw the streams. A golden time.

There was another resident at Rollystone who some times came out with us, a poodle /terrier cross called Sasha. She was a truly ugly dog, in a cute kinda way. When we moved to GoldenBay, she met her end under the wheels of a stupid driver, both Dee and K-9 sat to watch mournfully as my step-father laid her to rest.

It was in GoldenBay that Dee began to walk on a regular basis the length of the street with an elderly gentleman and his Chihuahua, called Whisky. They had a great old time, and we gave Whisky a wee rain coat as a Xmas present from Dee.

Next we moved to Narngulu, and there Dee picked up another, not so nice habit. We began to hear the trucks that roar up and down that road honking their horns just out side, and wondered why they did it. Eventually we found Dee had taken to sun baking in the middle of the road. The end of her free roaming was at had, a fence and gate were put up, and truck drivers were safe once more! Alas, confinement was not kind to her health, she became as round as a watermelon, a little brown watermelon with four little legs and a still wagging tail.

Now Dee was of a great age when we moved again, this time to a huge property, with plenty of room for her to roam in. She gained a second lease on life. Now quite deaf, nearly blind and toothless, she remained alpha dog, even when the poodles Raistlin, Suzy Q and Sebastian came to stay. As time went by, small cancers began to show, but as they caused her no pain, and she was so old, there was nothing to be done about them.

Mum was with her on the day she died. And she did not go softly into that last dark night, but raged against the dying of the light.

As mum hand fed her, and dripped water into her mouth, that little dog struggled to stay with us. But it is a terrible struggle, and as we all must, at last she lost it. Dee was 21 human years old. Even now I sometimes look for her on the veranda, a smiling friend to share a pat and a scratch behind the ears with. It's like a gap in the firmament, where past no longer matches present. She was a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. I miss her.

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