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Blinking frog! Di It Yourself = DIYBlinking frog too!


Oh, the fun to be had with a hammer and a few nails.
As you prepare to indulge in DIY mayhem -
remember these few words of advice:

Measure twice, cut once.

Don't drill a hole in a piece of wood
while resting it on your knee.

Read the instructions first, you can disregard
them at your leisure later...

Superglue is fun, but respect it or there will be hospital
visits before bedtime (and possibly a spot in the local news).

Got that? Good, OK, now on to the construction sights.
Be warned, what follows isn't pretty. It is however
crooked, under supported, not properly thought out,
insufficiently cured, held together with bailing
twine and a prayer.

The Cathouse of Doom

Pop over here to learn the history of the doomed cat house
that Fire Frog's loved ones built.

The sweethearts....


Behold this awesome edifice. The arrival of the girls and the
dilapidated state of the old fence meant a new, higher fence
had to be built to keep them in and everyone else out.

In between the old fence coming down and the new one going
up there was no fence at all (thank you contractors for not
telling me this). At this point the two dogs that lived behind me,
(the pit bull was called Spud and turned out to be a bit of
an escape artist and the rotty was luckily just an ol' softie)
wandered over and frightened the wee terrier that lived
to the right of me (no fence there either).

So I built this to separate them all and I did it on my own too!
Note the use of the wrecked cat run on the far left.
One of my better efforts, I felt.

Fence before.

This is the fence before I had the new one put in.
Spud could jump up and look over the top at me.
One peppy pit bull!

Ice survays property boarder.

New fence (from a little further on than the first pic,
had to get a shot of Ice, heh.) I had also had the ground
re-levelled, so the grass was only just struggling back.
Note bit's of cat cage still littering the ground.
Okay, so I'm a slacker!
My dogs still love me anyway...

Thou shall not pass!

There was a stump left between the two back fences, where
I set first a small bust of Shakespear, then of Mozart, then of a
ship, then a cherub blowing a kiss. This last had a nail tamped in
the top of the post and the cherub hooked over it - to stop the
mysterious strong wind that had knocked the others off.
The cherub got knocked off too.
So finally I put up this wizard who was nailed in, glued down and
strapped on with wire. He stayed and stayed, until the post was
replaced years later.

The replacer asked if I wanted it back, I said yes,
they then helpfully threw the broken bits over the fence for me.

I feel this was because I reported their
kids for firing home made arrows at my dogs.
And they didn't pay for their half of
the fence either.



This is my friend's Diana and David's dog NoName.
We constructed this very sexy fence out of chicken wire,
a length of wood, a piece of rope and some
finger crossing. It only had to hold for a couple of days.
Worked too. Not sure which of us was more surprised!

Cat cutouts

Decided to make the front verandah a
little more cosy with a piece of lattice as windbreak.
Alas there was a gap in the lattice at the top
so mum and I made these cats to fill it up!

So cute! They are cut from
(medium density fibreboard).
I drew the pictures, mum cut them out with
her jig saw, I painted them, glued on red
gems for the eyes and screwed them
into position using mum's cordless power drill.

I want power tools for all future birthday presents please J

It wasn't me, I didn't do it, you can't prove a thing!

This is Fire, sitting on the dog lounge
I made for her and her sister (Ice).
In the pic she has just got her collar off,
the wicked thing! The lounge was made
from a packing crate that had one side with
all the boards touching (as opposed to
widely spaced boards that would be hell to lay on).
I cut a square of carpet to size then glued
it into place with
Liquid NailsTM. Easy and cheep.

Fire and Ice

Light Box!

I had this made for me, to put my fairy lights
in at Xmas. The holes in the bottom
allow the cords to exit from the many
motherboards I have stashed inside.

The cords go out onto the roof, into the garden and
along the fence line, sprouting fairylights as they go!

Meanwhile the motherboards remain snug and dry
from the occasional shower of rain and safe from theft.
Neat, huh?

Fairy Lights For Beginners

Blue plastic bead curtain.

This archway into the dinning room looked a little drab, so I
brought two bead curtains, took them off their
runners and whacked them up.

Each strand was staple gunned on individually, following
a curve I'd pencilled in lightly earlier.
It looks like a lovely waterfall!

Looks pretty and I had a few strands left over
which are getting used in various 'artistic' ways!

wall flower

For instance - as the water in this
mock outdoors waterfall!

More to come as the inspiration and brain damage continues!

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