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Sleepy Hollow

Good witch.Drinking GameBad witch.

The usual rules apply (see home page link below for complete instructions). Take a swig from your favourite alcoholic beverage whenever you catch a glimpse of one of these!


You see or hear a Cardinal Bird!



Icabod faints.

Katrina faints

Somebody drinks or is offered tea.

You see a burning pumpkin.

Someone uses a kitchen knife in a vaguely threatening way (take a double sip if blood is spilt!)

You see birds flying across the sky in reverse formation to what nature intended.

Icabod takes off his frock coat and shows off his wonderfully pants.

Icabod gets hit in the face with blood.

Brom sneers.

Something climbs out of the Tree of the Dead.

Something climbs in to the Tree of the Dead.

Daredevil changes shape again. Was he a fine boned beast just a minute ago, a sturdy steed, or a rickety rocking horse with real fur? Oh - all of the above!

Katrina shows more cleavage than you'd think a nice Dutch girl should.

Icabod uses one of his unusual bits from his collection of inventions.

Icabod's signet ring catches your eye, and you abruptly remember that the actor has a tattoo there that needs covering up.

Red and white dominate the backdrop.

The headless horseman hacks away the only means he has to follow Icabod and crew i.e. up the windmill ladder. Sip each time he does it.


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