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Earring Net!

Ever have trouble locating all your earrings? Find one, but not the other? My first earring net was just the bottom of the net curtain in my room. But then I moved and had to find some were to put the over one hundred sets of earrings. So I made one. Between two cupboards, I hung a net, just as you would a curtain at the window. Then I put up the earrings in pairs. I now have them colour coded and ready to go!

My earring hoard.

Your basic net curtain.

Yep, every thing is matched up into pairs.

Look up at the top left corner to see the cup thing I used to attach to the wardrobe.

Also I have made mini holders using a coat hanger and net curtain. Just sew the net over the hanger and taa daa! An easy to put away earring storage system, just hang it up in the closet.

Earrings on the mini holder were made by my Auntie Lyn.

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