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Easter Borders For Making Egg Cups...

Cut out a strip of paper with the pattern you want on it. You can use some wrapping paper (use stuff that is as thick as ordinary paper) or even draw your own designs on a strip of paper too. Measure around the bottom of your Easter egg, make the strip a little longer than that.

The width of the paper should be higher than 1cm (except for real little ones); you can make them different heights for a nice cluster effect when placed together on a table. Glue the strip ends together to form a circle (pattern outwards) big enough to hold the egg you wish. Peg together and let dry. Perch the painted egg or chocolate egg on top and voila! Instant egg holder.

I have made tiny ones for those little solid milk eggs you buy in packs, it really does take a small token gift and make it something special. These egg holders would not be recommended for eating your morning boiled egg from, however. They are for display purposes only.

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Different pictures used for egg holders.


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