Fire Frog's

Family Sayings.

Yes, things your family says are bound to be in here. Celebrate the similarities!

Pearls Of Wisdom.

One door closes, and another door opens.

At night, all cats are gray.

The plans of mice and men oft go astray.

Does a bear shit in the woods?

Cough it up, it might be a gold watch.

The only sane ones here are thee and me, and I'm not so sure of thee.


May the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose,
and an elephant caress you with it's toes.

Die Slowly. (me)

Poo bum and elephant droppings.

Kill!! (my button pushing word)

Naff off you git.

Drop Dead. (me again. Is there a pattern emerging?)

Ye Gods and ye little fishes (shortened to 'Ye..' to save time).

Well root my old brown dog.


I'm Baaaaack!

We will send whatever you've left behind up after you. Bye!
(Referring to the odd sock, important documents and
toothbrush you overlooked when packing to go home after a visit.)

Trust me, I'm a Doctor!

Aaaaaahh! Baytan seed dressing!

Oh - good show Mate! (Accompanied by a 2 finger golf clap. 'Tis fun/sarcastic in intent.)

Beware, beware! My flashing eyes and floating hair!
(You can be sure someone has had a win)

Bye-bye. Goodbye. See you. Bye. TaTa. T.T.F.N. See ya.
Bye. Be good! See you soon! See ya. Bye! (Repeat until someone gives
in and hangs up the telephone.)

Do a twirl! (Said to anyone in new clothes or going on a date.)

Wish-whoo! (Said to anyone in new clothes or going on a date.)

I've got the front seat! Bwaa ha ha!! (Especially said by Granddad.)

No, I don't need to borrow any money today, thankyou.
(Actually, no one says this. But I fully intend to, quite soon).

Bite!! (A word accompanied by mock hand bites to the upper arm,
freely interpreted as, Yes, I do want some money, Thankyou!)

The fickle finger of fate flicked in his face, farted fragrantly and fled.

Are we there yet? (Said until blood runs out your ears)

Aaaargh!! (Yelled while throwing yourself to the side of the car
when turning any corner <no matter how gentle>
The entire family does this, including the driver.)

The Boogie Song.

I've got a boogie up my nose!
It is sticky and long!
I've got a boogie on my finger!
I roll it into a ball.
I flick it but it won't go.

(It is about now that various members of the family begin to flee.
Others may stay to indulge in imaginary boogie ball wars.)
Ok, it's more a long Haraku than a song, but we sing it anyway.


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