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Word's Of Advice!
See the world through lettuce coloured glassesheart

flo Check the oil on your car, motorbike or boat regularly.

flo When using those clear plastic dust covers for computers/keyboards/printers etc write the word 'up' somewhere on the uppermost side. That way when you put the dust cover back on it won't be inside out, which kind of defeats the covers purpose.

flo Use a surge protector at the main wall power point and attach the extension plug to it, that way all the stuff plugged in to the extension gets protected too.

flo Put heavy tins in the bottom of grocery bags, light things on top. To get the shop assistant to do that if they are loading, take the heavy items out to be priced and packed first. Try and group things like frozen/cold food together so they can keep each other cold on the way home.

floLearn the words to Advanced Australia Fair. It is so much easier than humming bits and only singing the final two words w w w

flo At the very least teach your dogs to sit, drop an item it has in its mouth and come to its name. It will save you soooo much trouble in the long-run.

flo When brushing your hair, start at the tips and work your way slowly up to the crown. Hurts less, causes less split ends.

flo Put glow in the dark stickers (or paint with glow in the dark paint) all light switches. That way if you need to find them in a hurry at night you won't be groping all over the wall for them.

flo Never be afraid to ask for a second Doctors opinion. It could save your life.

flo In business take the most heed of someone who is themselves in the industry you wish to enter, and has been successful at it for 3 years or over.

flo It takes 2 years to learn most businesses properly, take that time and learn to do what you do, and do it well!

flo Never sneeze with a mouthful of Vodka.

flo Before buying a pet ask yourself - 'Where will I be in three months time? Will I have room, time, money to spend and the space for this pet?' If the answer is no or maybe, don't get the pet.

flo Take lots of photo's if you can. One day they may help you remember some one special, or a fun time that you may otherwise forget.

flo Where you can, pay with cash, not credit.

flo When it comes to computers, one word is sacred - backup! Back up to disc and zip drive, print out stories you like and keep 'em in a folder.

flo If you have your appendix out, prop a pillow under your right knee until it is at approximately 60 degrees. This relieves the pain and allows the release of gas that will afflict you for quite awhile after the operation.

flo If you run out of dishes to eat off, look closely at the fruit bowl. A clean one may be an excellent bowl, especially for soup, cereal or desserts!

flo Measure twice, cut once. Never drill a hole in a piece of wood while it is sitting on your knee.

flo Bobcats are not toys. Don't race them. Never turn one without checking to see if someone is standing besides it first.

flo If you have an arial that has several times tried to take your eye out, cover the tip with a big blob of (preferably fluorescent) blue tack. Alternatively, glue a big button onto the end.

flo Smile, just smile!

What, you were looking for Fire Frog's agony column?
Her relationship advise?
Well, okay -

Don't walk behind me,
I may lead you astray.

Don't walk before me,
I may pin a 'kick me' note
to your back.

heartCome walk besides me,
where I can keep a
proper eye on you -
and be your friend.



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