Fire Frog


This is a sort of hodge podge of my dreams, the ones that stand out, anyway. You'll see why in a minute. I own a Dreamers Dictionary, and have looked up what the dreams mean. I may put up some interpretations later. Who knows.

This was just after I got my new computer: My Great Dane X English Mastiff dog Ice was sitting in a flowerpot. I was trying to decide which button to chose for the Internet, I decided on a marmalade cat (an actual marmalade cat. It was a dream; of course it doesn't make sense!) When I woke up my cat Kismet was kneading the middle of my back. Agreeing with my choice of button perhaps?

My stepfather once dreamt he became a fax and faxed himself away.

I've dreamt of hot air balloons four times. Each time I was supposed to go up in it, but didn't really want to. I got lost in the car park (which seemed to have some kind of market spread through it some times.) and would see the balloon fall fatally from the sky.

I have been chased by two animals. A horse we used to own called Marvel, and a bull. I climbed a tree to escape the horse, AND HE CLIMBED UP AFTER ME! I ran into a house to escape the bull, and he came through the CAT-FLAP! Eeek!

I often dream of going to a fate or market and buying little trinkets. There are so many, and I rush to buy them all, time is running out, I'll wake up soon. Then I wake up.

This reminds me of a dream I have sometimes that is a real pain in the ass. The one where you get up, go to work, come home, and then you Wake Up.

Or the one that has you knowing you are dreaming, then you wake up, and a little while latter, you Wake Up. Or have you? Some times, after a little while more, you really Wake Up. Then you sit in bed trying to decide if you are asleep or not.

And the one where you go to have a nap in the evening, wake up and can't tell if it's still the evening, or the next morning. Usually it's still the same night. You've had four instead of forty winks.

I have dreamed of lightning several times. Mostly I am outdoors, when the sky rapidly fills with dark black clouds (like in a movie.) The air fills with 'pressure', and then a huge lightning strike occurs, not far from where I am. No one is hurt, and somehow I knew that no-one would be.

I've dreamed of a band of black clouds forming to one side. It literally broiled underneath it with hundreds of lightning strikes. This dark storm passed along the valley, leaving us unscathed on the road, but went over our house that was a little further along. We went over the burnt out buildings and yards, but although much was black and ruined, a lot more had survived than the terrible storm would indicate. I am positive this was a prophetic dream, and I know what it was about. Don't fear, all will be well for this little Frog for quite awhile!

Talking of prophetic dreams, I have dreamt of my next job a year before I had to go from my old one twice now. Both times I had never been to the new place before. Very spooky.

The other day I dreamt a most prophetic dream indeed. It was two weeks before I went to have an allergy needle, for which there is a certain possibility that you might go into cardial vascular arrest. I dreamt that I went in to the hospital, but instead of waiting for the needle, I became impatient, and snapped the end off the needle and drank it instead. When I awoke, the thing going through my head was, 'well, that was my own fault.' That night, feeling greedy, I ate five lollies from a small candy box I had brought. I immediately had an allergic reaction, and had to go to hospital. My fault, I should not have eaten those types of kids candy, the colour additives are a known risk.

For intense dreams, I can't go past my tidal wave ones. Mostly I am out of town, on a hill overlooking it, when I see a huge wave of water rushing inland. I run, usually with a group of others, and have always out run the wave, until recently.

Oh, what a dream. I was in a car when the tidal wave hit. Trapped, I feel the wetness creeping up and wait to choke on the rushing water. The water is a cloudy jade green colour. I must be caught in an air pocket, as the water doesn't close in, but surrounds me on all sides. Still tense, and waiting for bad things to happen (drowning and stuff) I also begin to relax. To enjoy the way the water is rushing past, making a restful noise, like a waterfall. It's just a little infront of my nose now, but I am not panicking. The closeness is getting a bit claustrophobic, when suddenly I wake up.

In one dream, I looked back and a large assembly of wild animals were doing a clockwise circle before the tidal wave (which was poised above a suburban city.) They began to form up and dance like those old black and white movie dancers did (Rockefellers?) There were huge tigers, elephants and zebras, plus an assortment of others, all dancing away. It was great.

I have even shared a tidal wave dream with my mother. We both dreamed of a wave coming over the city we live in. However, we had time to get to our horses (we did have horses at the time) and ride for a tabletop mountain (an actual local landmark.) with a group of others. I am not sure how close together we both had these dreams, but we were there in each others dream, and it is spooky.

I wonder what the dream of metallic painted hermit crabs meant. I was supposed to eat them, but I used to have crazy crabs as pets. Eventually I did taste one, and it was all ashes in my mouth.

I like flying dreams most. Coasting along above roof tops, up the sides of tall factories. They are the most fun.

This dream is funny, sort off. A water tower has been converted into a shopping center (a very, very tiny and cramped one!). Me, my mother and two friends are on the top, in an area the size of a bathroom that has been turned into a restaurant. A siren sounds and we hear of a disaster in one of the mines up north, there is a big cloud over the area and those inside have been turned blind. Mum gets a phone call, the husband of one friend was in the mine, she and the other friend scramble off to see what could be done. Everyone left in the restaurant receives decadently gooey deserts. There is another siren and a saucepan like the sort you boil Xmas puddings in - only the size of the Hindenburg - fly's by. It is going down, down, down - bump! Just out of sight it crashes and I'm woken by the Nelson guy wanting to fix my computer link. Ah, well...

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