Fire Frog's

Holiday along the west coast by 4wheel drive and other coastal pictures.

I kissed the ground.

Me making the top, having climbed up the cliff using that stupid ladder thing. Boy, did I have some bruises on my thighs after that one!

 dolphine gif.

Ancient scorpion footprints.

Picture from Post Magazine, of Dad pointing to the fossilized footprints of a prehistoric scorpion in Kalbarri.

Dad's motto: 

The only thing to be scared of is leading a dull life!

Sand dune hopping.

The crew I shared my holiday with. A fully catered 4 wheel drive escape. It was totally cool.

 Gonna take a bite?

Monkey Mire. Feeling Frisky?


The fins are all different. Like fingerprints. Notches and shape, bend to left or right, colour evenness, all indicate who the dolphin owner of that fin is.

 Snub nosed dolfin.

A cheeky snub-nosed dolphin.

Throw shells in air.

Shell Beach.

Camera anyone?

The guys who did all the work, and took most of the pictures.

Jailhouse Tree.

A boab tree. A tiny community used to keep their prisoners there over night because they didn't have a jailhouse.

Tammy and pelicans.

Pelican feed at Kalbarri.

Humans and dolfins.

More Monkey Mia dolphins. Look! The humans are swarming again; it should be a good year! J

 Cocky want a gum tree?

Trees full of white cockatoo's. The noise was incredible!

Never smile at a crockodile!

Crocodile enjoying the river.

Hungry racing goanna.

Racing goanna. Aunt Pat had one climb up her one, must have thought she was a tree. They have wicked long claws on them, so it must have been an unpleasant situation for her. This one was only interested in eating a road kill kangaroo, which I cropped from the picture.

 Animated dolfin.

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