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ICH Symptoms

bflyPhantom Sensationsbfly

These can feel like warm water being poured over head/legs/behind eyes etc. You reach to touch the effected area and are completely surprised to find it dry. When it occurs in the head area you can't help thinking burst blood vessels would feel the same way. Not pleasant.

At other times you get a pin-prick like sensation that happens randomly on the body. You look for splinters, bitting ants, pins, nipping zippers - but they are not there. Sometimes the small sharp pain lances right through your body, leaving an itch behind that follows the path it took. Odd and worrying.

For me the warm water is mostly on my left side, on top of my left foot, like I'm balancing a warm bag of jelly there, or wet and hot behind my left eye. The pin pricks can happen any where, (even in an eye) and consist of one to five individual pricks before disappearing.

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