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greenNausea green

Oh, what fun this one is. Ever present, strong to mild - actual vomiting for me is rare. Has the annoying habit of not going away when hunger arrives, so you are hungry and sick feeling as well.

Luckily eating doesn't make me throw up at such times. Unluckily that very fact has led others to believe that when I say I'm feeling ill I'm just bunging it on.

If I was really sick, they theorise, I wouldn't be able to eat, would I? Sounds logical. Alas, apparently real life doesn't run that way.

Caused by over production of acid by the gut (have forgotten the technical reason why ICH causes this).

Be careful taking antacids, though, as some of them may not go well with the types of medication ICH patients are given. Check with your doctor or pharmacy chemist first.

Note - Diamox causes indigestion and vomiting. ICH causes indigestion and vomiting. We are doomed !


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