She was named Kismet because 'it was meant to be.' As a kitten she had something wrong with her eye and two previous cats had come to me with similar problems, so I had to pick her out of the litter to 'save'. She is Cinnabar's sister, believe it or not. She looks a lot like a Turkish Van cat, and even likes to go swimming like they do! Well, I say swimming, what I mean is paddling. In summer I like to put an inch or two of water in the bottom of the bathtub and toss a ping-pong ball in. Kismet will go in and chase it, then go 'fishing' for the plug. She always had the plug out before I got home from work! Clever girl.


She likes to climb curtains as well as trees (she and Cinnabar are no longer allowed outside) and run helter skelter along the curtain rods, leaping from one to another. Often at midnight. Once she jumped from the top of the wardrobe on to my foot (it must have been twitching enticingly) and left claw marks all along the arch. Owie, what a way to wake up!


Kismet has soft and silky fur, which she likes to groom. She likes to groom most things, including the carpet, Cinnabar and my hairbrush. As a result she is the queen of hairballs. So much so that I had to stop feeding her tinned food and now she and Cinnabar both eat only dry dietician balanced food. Pricey, but my little ones are worth it.


When she was a kitten Kismet had rickets. This made it painful for her to be picked up. I didn't know this at first, and as she is so silky I picked her up and cuddled her a lot. As a result she now 'hates' being picked up and cuddled, preferring to be the one to come to you. She likes to perch companionably by my shoulder, supervising things. She once supervised to closely and ended up supergluing her whiskers in loops. That was a close call (she might have tried licking it and then there would have been trouble!). Gluing is now done with Kismet locked safely away in the bathroom.


In case of fire, please save my 2 house bound cats. Thank you.

 Kismet is a bit of a computer buff, and likes to lounge around it all day long. Having her tail directly over the monitor seems to be the aim of the game, and that fluffy flag of hers sure covers a lot of screen, let me tell you!

I keep a small flotilla of beanie babies up on top of my comp now too, and she delights in sitting up there and every now and then pushing one off, just to make me jump! And the curtains are her own special domain, she uses them as a runway to get on top of the wardrobe (out of picture, she swarms up the curtain then runs along the top till she achieves wardrobe heaven)


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