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I am a Vagan lactos ove Vegetarian.
(I eat milk and eggs, but no meat, fish, shellfish or chicken)

I am also a junk food vegetarian. I hate to cook and until recently had an allergic reaction to raw fruit and veg.

A while back I was reading a book in which a character was 'cutting vegetables for a salad'.

"They put vegetables in salads?" (I had some vague idea they were fruits) said I. Mum, being within hearing, laughed her box off. Well, how was I to know? I buy my food pre made and ready to eat.

Alas Australia now has a GST tax on food. Especially pre made food. So I have with trepidation been contemplating cooking. I used to fry baked beans and other exotics, like eggs, in a pan regularly at one time. So looks like I shall have to try it again. <Gulp.> Oh dear.

Here are some recipes, most of which I have made, some I intend to try real soon now, and others friends and family swear by.

 Hey! Look at this!

Vegetarian Recipes

How To Make The Perfect Vegemite Roll

How to make a Perfect Milo

Microwave Desserts





.......hungry kitty........

Fire Frogs ABC of Eating Right

Famous vegetarians: Mahatma Gandhi, Pythagoras,
Daniel Johns- lead singer for Silverchair,
Paul McCartney - member of The Beatles,
Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci, George Bernard Shaw,
Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, David Duchovny

Vegetarians are sprouting everywhere!

Be green! Eat lean! Eat a bean!

Bat bar :)

Fruit Bats are vegetarian!

There are vegetarian mothers, body builders, baseball players,
basket ball/netball players, singers, construction workers,
great thinkers and doers.
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Cry of the party going vegetarian,
"Anybody know what's in the dip?"

I'm on a golf diet. I live on greens. Green smile

A wise person once said, it doesn't matter what you eat,
but who you eat with.

Myth One, vegetarians are puny weaklings.

Gorilla Power.

Who you calling puny?

(Does he look aggressive? This brute would break
every bone in your body if you stood between
him and a tasty leafy tree!)

The largest mammal that walks the earth,
the elephant, does not eat meat.

Live a cruelty free life.

 singing frog.

Fire Frog's Food Recommendation's
 MMM, tasty pre made food!

Why Be A Vegetarian?
Am I just a Fuzzy Animal Person? Or is there more to it...

We are? Gosh!


Vegetarian Network Victoria


Silverchair's Web Site

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