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These are my poems, not to be used by anyone else without my express permission. That is if you would want to. My personal theory is that no one but some persecuted relatives will even come in here, but if by chance someone else should...Hands off!

Oh, a quick reminder that this page covers things I wrote in primary school to the current time. Have fun guessing which poems are done by the younger me!

Let us start with my creepy sad stuff. A box of chocolates to the first one to make it to the happy stuff without skipping anything. Go, your time starts...Now!

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Night Pup.

Eleven eyed he sits outside.

Watching me. (is he watching me?)

Midnight black his time will bide.

Cries, "Wait and see." (shall I wait and see?)

Hell hounds pup lies scratchin at the door.

Will he get in? (can he get in?)

What is he waiting, watching for?

Teeth fixed in a grin. (why does he grin?)

Pads softly, smoothly, swift away.

He is gone tonight. (is he gone tonight?)

Wait for him through another day.

I'll die with fright. (or is it delight?)


Moonshaddow pup, eleven eyed.

How long now is it since you died?

Still you call, still you come.

Courting ever your Eodome.


(Eodome is an elfin shepherdess.)

© © ©


I walk alone, I chose this path. I see what no one sees.

I dance on air, I'm fierce and proud, I fulfil my own need.

But sometime sickness comes, to knock me from dancing in the air.

It takes me from my chosen path, and throws me to despair.

I know that those who flock together by despair can also be hit.

But it seems someone is always there, to lend a hand if they'll but take it.

I walk alone. It has its risks. I chose this path. I can't complain.

While streaming past it seems to me, that no one sees my pain.

I see clear, I walk tall, I need no chaperone.

But sometimes I find it hard, to walk alone.

© © ©

Sometimes pain leaks from my eyes.

Sometimes I get sick of telling half lies.

There is no reason for you to worry

Tell me your woe's, I've got no hurry

I can see how you have been hurt

By that crap they say at work.

No, nothing happening here

Same every year

No screaming, no crying

No fear of dying

No shortage of help

No pain being felt

No trauma, no needing

No inability to do weeding

Everything is well

Outside my shinny shell

I stand tall and hold the line

While others fall and can't climb

From their little bumps and missteps

Their tiny pains and workplace spats

No trouble here

All is well

Even if

My life is hell.

© © ©

A Loss, Not My Own.

I knew a man's son, though I had never met him.

But I knew the man's grief, at losing his child.

So I knew the son, who was to young to die.

Step, step, step.

Welcome to humanity, jump right in.

Our feelings are similar, that's not so wild.

When connecting to others, don't ask yourself why.

Step, step, leap.

© © ©

Lost in the Lonely Time,
Hurt, forgotten.
Where is my Christ figure,
Come to save me.
I am alone in my wilderness,
Shy, betrayed.
I wanted rainbows and,
Humming birds.
I have sand and the endless,
Moan of the winds.

© © ©


I can sit there as calm as stone, while mentally I carve the wings off angels.
Control is as fragile as a thought, as a habit, as a hormone.
Anger is the process of letting go - finger by finger,
But somehow still ending up with a fist.
The clenched hand holds nothing, no reins, no handbrakes.
There is no stoping me now. No thought to holding back.
Just the tension in my mind like a bee screaming.
And a feeling like I am going to be sick.
Here is the point of no return.
Here is my anger.

© © ©


Sugar melting on your lips.

Sweet as honey, will taste of you.

Eyes as bright as sapphire chips.

Hair so dark its almost blue.

Like a fall of midnight, soft as silk.

Silver shines on eyelash tips.

Knowing hands white as milk.

Tear my heart in tender strips.

© © ©

I give to you...

Imagine a forest of oak and blackberry bush.

In it's heart there lies a glade, beset with wild roses of white and yellow.

In this glade deer run free.

There are unicorns at play, singing birds of every description.

Wild swans glide over a still pond.

Pelicans, flamingoes and many others bath in its crystal waters.

The grasses sway, warm rocks allow the tiny lizards to bask.

Great boulders of faceted crystal lie about,

reflecting the multi colours of the rainbow.

Life's adventure fills the air,

reflected in the beauty of a butterflies wing,

the gleam of a dragons horn.

I give to you this dream,

for now I am old enough to receive another.

A forest of banknotes, green and blue and red.

A pond of tiny coins, silver and shimmering gold.

Bushes of white mink, with dew drops of pearl.

And to inhabit this dream, there are big, flashy cars.

People of beauty, but no depth.

And loneliness so fragile it aches.

I give this dream to you, because besides this other,

it can no longer compete.

In my mind it will wither and die.

So, I give to you this dream...


© © ©

Death Guide.

Cat walker, soft as the night.

Through mists as thick as dreams.

Guiding souls across the water.

All is not as it would seem.

You shelter all you take behind you.

Walking through a path of flames.

Life a pale light ever darkened.

The restless ones you have to tame.

Glowing soul light in your keeping.

Now water laps below your feet.

Dreams are pictures in the twilight.

Ever bitter, ever sweet.

© © ©

Mad Days.

These days are mad days.

Rather have glad days.

But they ain't here love.

So don't you cry.

Blue days can sooth babe.

Smile on the wild babe.

'Cause we got love babe.

Don't let it die.

© © ©


When moonlight wings across the moor.

When gates scream rust shards evermore.

When time stands still for Blackbirds song.

I'll be with you all summer long.

When tears slide wet down golden hair.

When midnight stallion stands proud and fair.

I'll wait for you and Blackbirds song.

I'll be with you, all summer long.

© © ©

Sailors sing.

Songs at night.

Sing out strong.

To moonlight.

Songs of sea.

Sand, wave, fear.

Songs of home.

And all held dear.

© © ©


Tragedy, twice proceeded.

Once begun, can not be mended.

Sun in Shadow, for glade lands weeping.

Tears help forget, noble blood is seeping.

Over hills, over dales.

Graves soft opening never fails.

Remember always, running wild.

Blessed be this wayward child.

And if by sweet streams we meet again.

Heaven smile on Hell's revenge.

© © ©


It was after midnight when death knocked on my door.

In a dream, in a whisper of a time that went before.

And my hair descends to shadow and it twines in darkest night.

In a dream, in a whisper of the dying of the light.

© © ©

The stallion flies, by the light of the moon.

As the phoenix spreads its wings.

And a tiny child, with a silly tune.

Sings of all these things.

© © ©

I have read that vet's have one of the highest suicide rates of all professions.
No wonder, they have to put to sleep many healthy but unwanted pets,
the animals don't understand that the vet is helping them.
Their patients commonly fear them, have short life spans regardless
how good the vet is, and then there are the people to contend with.
So, I wrote this poem for them, those wonderful people
who care so much for the animals.

For Vets

She doesn't understand, why you hurt her.

I understand for her.

She doesn't forgive the pain you brought her.

But I forgive for her.

For every hour of every day.

That my kitten is free to play.

That I am free to love and adore her.

I thank you for her.

Thank you for her.


© © ©


Remember always running wild,

Favoured is this wayward child.

Fiercely herself - gentle but strong,

A part now forever of the nights song.

© © ©


In my garden orchids grow, they grow for you, Grandad.

Green orchids for a guy called Bill

That's how your friends know you, but I never will.

They miss you as I miss you still

Farewell my Grandad.

In my garden amphibians roam, they sing for you, Grandad.

For a guy called Roy they croak and trill

So long as I live, frogs in chorus always will

Make me think of and miss you still

Farewell my Grandad.

© © ©

What Tarnishes the Sun?

She is fixed amongst dead moons.

She hears no living tunes.

She dances in the sky.

She asks again, why?

She waits her time away.

She has nothing to say.

She is bright, forever bright.

She is light, life giving light.

But she is fixed amongst dead moons.

So must listen to dead tunes.

© © ©

Mortality is a Bitch.

Coffin lowered to the sand.

Grave dug on demand.

Flowers tossed without care.

Life no-longer living here.

Deep hole, shallow minds.

Veils draw like private blinds.

Inside a heart is weeping yet.

Alone once more, begins to fret.

Quickly now, a tear, a tear.

I'm left behind with torrent fear.

The creeping shadows, waiting to.

Drag me down, as they did you.

© © ©

Far Away Voices.

The sounds of children's voices, like bubbles on the wind.

Carried past the trees that line the schoolyard, the bubbles burst.

Happy laughter and shrieks spill forth.

Those joyful, careless days, as bubbles on the wind.

© © ©

Black Jack's Goodbye Poem.

I covered him up with a gossamer scarf, made from dark blue thread.

To show to all that my Black Jack, was not asleep but dead.

For he looked to sleep, about to wake, about to stretch and yawn.

But he was dead and never yet would wake to greet the dawn.

The scarf was light and barely there, so that should he yet astir.

I could see and take him up and pat his soft black fur.

But he is gone, my fierce gentle cat, and it is plain to see.

Black Jack is dead and he will not, come back to comfort me.

© © ©







Okay! You made it through!

Now for the wishy washy, happy, happy, joy, joy stuff. I'm warning you, it's not a pretty sight!!! Go armed, there be diabetes inducing sugary things below. You have been cautioned!!!

© © ©

Lets start with a poem I wrote for someone who helped rescue a kitten that was in trouble for me...

Kitty Angel

Kitty Angel from on high,

Swoops to rescue from the sky.

Mortals sometimes share those wings,

Honour, kindness and other things.

Second chances come to the few,

So Kitty Angel, we're thanking you.

© © ©

I said good morning to the Crow.

He told me promptly where to go.

I said good morning to the Bear.

He said "Get lost, I don't care where."


I said good morning to the Flea.

He said good morning back to me.

I said good morning to the Hare.

He said "Piss off" but I don't care!


I said good morning to the Dog.

She ran to fetch me back a log.

I said good morning to the Cat

She said "Pipe down, you'll scare off Rat."


Here's shit in your eye.

Said the fly.

Splat, take that.

Replied the rat.

Then the fly had to spit.

And the rat he was bit.

The 'roach arrived in time.

To make this damn thing rhyme.

© © ©


Renwar, Renwa, come dance about us please.

Come dance about in stately grace, in ones and twos and threes.

Renwar, Renwa, come sing songs that be.

Long songs, short songs, songs you sang at sea.

Renwar, Renwa, come hear our tales we plea.

Short tales, long tales, tales of drinking tea.

Renwar, Renwa, come now, to our side please cleave.

Dance and sing and listen to us, and don't you ever leave!

© © ©

Captain Kitten.

Scouting across my Eiderdown.

Captain Kitten spies me out.

Tail signals messages behind her.

Hooha! The enemy, there is no doubt!

She demoralises my left foot, now my right.

Then sidle, sidle over bedclothes.

See ears approaching, pricked to fight.

Nothing else 'sept tail tip warning.

Watch out human, I'm ready to pounce!

Suddenly she is distracted.

Leaps to the bedchair with a flounce.

Fighting desperate with a cushion.

Then fly's back to the fray.

Biting happy on my finger

Captain Kitten wins the day.

Nipping nose and ear and eyelid.

In my hair is tangled deep.

Yawning mighty with her victory.

Captain Kitten falls asleep.

© © ©

Apply Farm

(sugar alert)

Peep peep, sang the chick.

The dog gave it a lick.

The house was full of laughter.

Fairly rose up to the rafters.

Cluck cluck, sang the hen.

The fun began again.

The house in the wood.

And the people they were good.

Then the rooster sang.

The front door it went bang.

The old cat sighed.

A cook fire nearly died.

But all were safe and warm.

In the love at Appley Farm.

© © ©

Oh Danny.

Danny, my darling dandy,

Hair so long and sandy.

Kisses sweet as candy,

Makes me drunk like shandy.

Hope one day we'll marry,

There'll be roses red like cherry

And we'll be so happy,

Me and my Danny.

© © ©

Play Together.

Kittens and puppies will play together.

No matter the time, no matter the weather.

Cats and Dogs just love to fight.

Be it day or be it night.

Kids will play, no matter the race.

Adults will fight just to save face.

So whether human or animal kind.

The young know best, I think you'll find.

© © ©

Raindrop Song.

Raindrop drop, Raindrop fall.

Rivers making a waterfall.

The deer are wet, so am I.

Dew on the wing of a dragonfly.

Raindrop drop, Raindrop fall.

Land on the leaves of the trees so tall.

Rain has stopped, no-longer falls on me.

Rainbows coming out for all to see.

© © ©

Love Song.

In the dawning of my life I saw a light - and it was blue, blue.

In the dawning of my dream I saw a vision - and it was you, you.

Like the sky blue dragon I shall fly - high, to high.

Like the Sphinx shall I behold the lie - your lie, my lie.

Love come to me tonight, - one night, tonight.

Laughing in the forests light - starlight, so bright.

Defy where we went wrong - and you're wrong, I'm wrong.

Turn it into our life song - and our song, it's a love song.

© © ©


Moondog howling into glory.

Natures golden morning story.

See the sleepy possum curling.

In her daytime hidy snoring.

Lazy lizard standing sentry.

On sun warmed stone, old as hist'ry.

Moondog set's him off in fright.

As she calls in the light.

© © ©


Thea is my cat and she purrs.

With eyes lazily lidded.

And tail wrapped round her paws.

She thinks and dreams of mice.

And the catching of them.

Of rodents, snakes and rabbits.

The thrill of the chase, the kill.

Then her thick fur begins to ripple.

As muscles start to stretch.

With sinews taunt and strong.

My Thea arches her back.

Then away with a hiss!

For the prey is waiting.

And to long has she been with me.

© © ©


Gems - gold - precious metal.

Spices rare, a carnation petal.

Silk - saffron - shimmer veil.

Hoarded diamonds, polished mail.

Rhino's horn - feather of a dove.

Honour, courage, faith, love.

© © ©

Still Life

Prickly, dry and dead yet vital.
How beautiful you seem.

Growing lifelike on my canvas,
we make such a jolly team.

You are old things, thrown things, bits.
I am a shaddow, just your painter.

Glorious array of shambles you.
Light at last is getting fainter.

Time to put you in your box.
A sealed up image, you poor thing.

Nothing left to remind us,
but a painting that might sing.

© © ©


Glittering stardust lines my naked skin

As I drift with the flow of the lazy solar wind.

Doing what I want to do, delighting in the feel

Diving through a comet trail, a swift electric eel.

Shimmering I escape with ice crystals in my hand

My teeth full of comet grit, my hair full of sand.

Sparkling dust motes fall, at my every move

Reflecting different starlights, the changing colours sooth.

Spiralling down to slumber on a acetronic moon

I curl up tight and sing myself a cosmic cradle tune.

Acetronic - acidic rock, 60% silica ie granite.

© © ©

Enter The Easter Contest!

Winning is the best thing
A girl can do for fun.
I'd rather win a hamper
Than bake an Easter Bun!
I'd rather win chocolate eggs
I'd rather win stuffed bunnies!
I'd rather not have to pay
For other peoples lollies!
Winning is the thing for me
But don't tell any other
The reason that I win so much
Is because no one else will bother!

© © ©

ù Who's The Winner? ù

'It's Sydney,' they replied
the old man cried and
Grandma brought a new dress.
Then we sat in front of the TV
To watch a day that was the best.

Horses charged,
the seasons changed
the sea came on shore.

We saw the toil of long ago
Knew what they toiled for.

Heard the chant of eons past,

the tap of futures bright

Shared the feeling of hear and now
knew what we had was right.

We watched the gifts of volunteers
Felt our heart strings swell

Had hope that what was growing here
Would follow us home as well

For every hand joined every hand
In lounge-rooms and stadiums

And proud we were
In every place
To be there as Australians.

Who's the winner? Sydney is,

Remember back and see

And I think you'll find

A little gold was left for you and me.

© © ©

I look at you.

Sly look at me.

Defiant I stare.

Quiet you flee.

Swiftly I follow.

Gladly you stop.

Birdsong above.

From the tree top.

Heartstrings aquiver.

Softly we kiss.

Bound now two lovers.

United in bliss.

I look at you.

Sly look at me.

Smile at the moon.

And the bird in the tree.

© © ©

Black Jack's Poem.

Black Jack my cat that is free, yet still comes to sit with me.

Before we met his life was hard, but now he can let down his guard.

With the calm of a Zen Master, he'll watch me put up board and plaster.

Fairy lights he's directing, guides cut-out placement and its lighting.

To get a bit of needed attention, he'll nip my foot, did I mention?

His two k-nines are chipped already, but he won't break the skin, don't get angry!

His nips are gentle, they will you charm, but give him a pill and he will you harm!

Under the verandah he will nest, or curl up in his basket to rest.

He keeps the house safe at night, by chasing off the dogs that bite.

A nasty fright is in store, for strays that sniff at our door.

From a bush he will attack, then dog seen off, he'll be back.

What misfortune wrought this habit, to make dogs run off like a rabbit?

He won't kill birds, he won't kill mice - I think this cat is very nice.

He wont drink milk but will eat cheese, Black Jack is not hard to please.

You want a friend, I know you do - Black Jack, I'll be one for you.

© © ©

Morning Tree.

The yawning tree shakes off it's snow.

And to the world it calls hello.

From leaf and branch, bow and twig,

Of early dew it takes a swig.

Then celebrates the break of day.

To the living song it will gently sway.

© © ©

SouthernCross Entreaty.

Tiny ball of fangs and fur,

In my heart I hear your purr.

Blue eyed and fluffy ball,

Tiptoe towards me, hear my call.

Tiny nose over smiling mouth,

Little star child of the south.

Meet the lovely StarJumping kitten,

With her too, I was smitten.

This, your Uncle, Ptolomy the wise,

Gentle cat, despite his size.

Last is eldest, Theakin,

Her heart is hardest of all to win.

Join our family little friend,

To our love there'll be no end.

Of freedom there will be no loss,

So come to us, young SouthernCross.

© © ©

Kittens Ploy.

Around the room in pure delight,

You chase the bright green leaf.

Sometimes here, sometimes there,

You stalk it like a thief.

Then swiftly you creep upon me,

Sparkling your laughing eye.

To grapple with my toe or finger,

Who'll win, you or I?

© © ©


By Fire Frog.

Misery loves company, so they say to me.

Oh, but was there ever such a miserable lot as we?

The Doctor, the Tailor, the Pirate ship sailor.

All adrift in an empty crippled Sky Hailer,
washed out far to sea.

We met in happier circumstance.

At a bar full of lightning and crystals and dance.

We felt we could prosper from gathering moss.

Selling it to Princes as spun glass made by moths.

But here we sit in this leaky old ship.

Traversing the frozen ocean on an unplanned wet trip.

Shivering under a layer of frost.

Caught out and sentenced to be eternally lost.

But everything is changing, everything is new.

Spinning into saving, what was us and what was you.

You can't be lost forever, so they say to me.

One day they will go into never and what is left will be we three.

© © ©

Little Pad One.

I've been floating in the data stream

Surfing on the net

I've hunted every search engine

But ain't found myself yet

All the cgi's I have sniffed at

All the cookies I have ate

All the pop ups I have danced with

All the sites I like to rate

Somewhere in the tide of the information flow

Is the perfect place for me to dream, a perfect place to go

And if I never find it, there is one thing I can do

I'll build my own website and you're invited too

Link up with me baby, join in all the fun

Whack me in your favourites or rate me number one

And if what you are searching for isn't hidden here

Put up your own website and I'll come and visit there.

© © ©

Chant for the Tribe of One.



Oh man!

Who holds us in his hand.

Do not fall!

From your height.

Do not fall!

From your path.

Do not crush us!

With your might.

Do not drop us!

In your haste!

Carry the children!

Of our world.

To the place!

Fertile land.

Safety place!

Good hunting land.

Oh man!

Oh man!

Oh man!

Oh man!

Our chant is ended.

Say no more.


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