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You will need:

1 citrus fruit.

60g whole cloves.

Grease proof paper.

A narrow ribbon.

1 teaspoon orris root powder.

1 teaspoon cinnamon powder.

1.5 teaspoon powdered cloves.

A skewer (knitting needle etc) and thimble.

1 teaspoon all spice powder.

1/2 teaspoon powdered nutmeg.

Note about spices: A blend of any of your favorite dry spices will work just as well to make the pomander smell nice, ie licorice and vanilla pod etc, the only must have is the Oris root, as it is for preserving.

For the fruit, oranges are traditional, but any thin-skinned citrus is possible, ie lemons, limes and kumquats.

Begin by marking out where the ribbon will go to hang your pomander. Do not place the ribbon on at this point, or you end up with citrus juice all over it J . A thick lucky band comes in handy for this part.

Skewer holes into your fruit at regular intervals. Press a whole clove into each hole using the thimble. It takes practice to get the spacing rite, have an 'experiment citrus' on hand to practice on J .

Mix up all the powders in a large bowl, then put your clove covered fruit into it. Pour the powder over the fruit until it is completely covered (the fruits juices should help the mixture to stick).

Place pomander and excess powder on greaseproof paper and wrap it up. Store it in a dark, dry, cool place for six weeks.

Take it out and decorate with ribbon. Include a loop for hanging. Small beads or a tassel can be attached to the bottom, or a wide net ribbon can be wound round it. Chose colors in the festive season of choice, green and red for X-mass, pale pink and blue for Easter etc.

The excess powder can be scooped into a sachet and given with the pomander as a gift. When the aroma begins to fade, simply re submerge the pomander in the mixture for a week to revitalize it.

Add a bow made from the same ribbon as the pomander to the sachet and it can be stored in a draw, or you can place it in a bag with sheets of paper to make scented notepaper.

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