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Resume. (And comments from the peanut gallery.)

Name: Ann-Margret Parke. Ann-Margret 'GetItRight' Parke.
Date of birth: 27/03/1968 The Summer of Love
Education achieved: Secondary Education Achievement Certificate. Took about five primary schools to get me this far. 2 in England. Each with it's own way of doing Maths.
Subjects: Drawing, French, Industrial Arts, Type writing, Animal husbandry, Horticulture, Family living/social development. John Willcocks High. There was an attitude that we were all marking time before entering the real world, i.e. a job behind the counter at Coles.
  Certificate of Secondary Education; Year 12. I liked Mandurah High School. I met my best friends Diana and Nina there.
Subjects: English, Human Biology, Arts, Theatre Arts, Applying Maths, Home Economics. Kelmscott Senior High showed me what Study and achieving your goals was all about. People had 'expectations', and darn it, I found I had, too.
  Certificate 4 Applied Science. Geraldton TAFE.
Subjects: Math's fundamental, Lab Techniques, Geology, Physics, Photography & Microscopy, Comp applied science, Chemistry, Lab procedures, Statistics. Geraldton TAFE has great Math and English teachers. A fun library, too. Go in, say hi. Avoid the Arts department at all costs. They are a tad, er, neurotic.
  Certificate 4 IT (Multimedia)  
Subjects: Contribute to personal skill development and learning; Determine and confirm client business expectations and needs; Automate processes; Develop and present a feasibility report; Create technical documentation; Locate equipment, system and software faults; Maintain ethical conduct; Manage simple projects.  
  Diploma in IT Multimedia  
Subjects: Design, Animation, Games Development, Websites, Digital, Video and Multimedia Development.  
Extra Work Related Achievements Senior First Aid Certificate.
Forklift License.
Truck drivers license (B class)
Bobcat license.
If you do one thing, do this, you never know when you may save a life.
I passed these. Other people with me passed these. You should be afraid.
Employment History: Greenacres Riding School. 1984/5. (school holidays) Stable hand.
Horse care, feeding, rugging, nursing, saddling, grooming, supervision of students.
17 hand high some of those beasts were. I remember best grass skiing behind this mini pony called Mickey Mouse while trying to catch him (a bowl of char did the trick in the end.) And going into a paddock after some escaped horses, only to realise it was the bull paddock. Oy vay!
  Rockingham Shire CEP. Early 1987. Greenskeeper/ maintenance.
Fencing, leveling, watering, laying side rubber, brick laying, trench/post hole digging.
So cool, I learnt so many useful things. Don't drill a hole into a piece of wood while resting it on your knee, for one. And the right preparation before you start your job can save a lot of heartache in the end. And then there was, 'dig a hole and sit in it' Fred. Won't forget him.
  Lobena Handicrafts. September 1987. Shop assistant.
Sales, book work, cleaning, displays, handling customers, banking, pricing.
Some strange and wonderful things were sold in that shop.
And I dusted and re arranged every single one of them.
Twice. Daily.
  Griffith WA Services. 6 months 1987.
Shipping project coordinator.
Liaison via phone, sample supervision.
Okay, I stood on a pile of rock and wet it down with a hose. It was fun.
Occasionally I answered the phone, and let people know where they were actually meant to be.
  Hospitality Inn. 1988. House Maid.
Domestic cleaning.
Time management. And how to fold toilet paper so it is easy to access. The memories.
  Meekatharra Pub. 2 months 1988.
Kitchen-hand/house keeper.
Food prep, cleaning etc.
A lover, A cat called Southern Cross, a friend called Spider, radio addiction, a theft of numerous knickers, the boss from hell, a look at pub kitchens. Loved Meeka. Wouldn't wanna live there.
  Mallina Holdings. 1989/91. Laboratory Assistant.
Quality control, marketing.
At last, a real Lab assistant. Working on multi coloured Kitty Litter was the bomb. Plus there was my friend Norm, cats and basketball.
  AMC Mineral Sands. 1991. Day Crew.
Clearing bogged conveyer belts, stocking up plant chemicals, maintaining work areas, servicing vehicles.
Shit kickers, we were. Any nasty, hard, smelly job, we got to do. There was bobcat and forklift driving, however. And occasionally, the big truck. Chuckle. Oh yes. And a big belt knife for cutting things. And a special technique for shovelling large piles of heavy mineral from one spot to another. And stairs. Lot's of stairs.
  AMC/RGC/ WA Sands/Iluka.
The same place, with different names.
Worked there for 15 years in both Analytical and Metalurgical areas. Spent lots of time working on the Lab Intranet and updating procedures etc.
Lab Rat (that's Lab Technician to you - non Certificate Four holders!!!) again. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Skills at last employed, diligence rewarded. Holidays frowned on.
Interests: Writing (member of 'Writers Of Geraldton').
Playing Magic The Gathering (at the Octavio Club in Eighth Street.)
Building Web Pages.
See the rest of this web site (Little Pad One) for more on everything me! Likes - dislikes - points of view - complete rubbish that only relatives under threat of sulking will ever see....

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