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Detective Jim Ellison (played by Richard Burgi) is a detective with the Cascade P.D. Major Crimes Unit. His partner is Blair Sandburg (played by Garett Maggart), a Police Observer and anthropologist who is helping Jim learn to control his hyper-senses. Jim has all five senses heightened: taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. Without Blair's help he is prone to fits of 'over focusing', called zoneouts. Blair also coaches him into using his talents to their fullest, without going over the edge. With Blair's help Jim becomes a walking crime lab, picking up the smallest clue, seeing the minutest traces of danger, hearing the faintest cry for help.

 Blair Sandburg: the Guide.

Blair Sandburg is a graduate student / teaching assistant at Ranier University. He is working on a dissertation on what he terms Sentinel abilities, which are hyper senses allowing a person to see, hear, smell, taste and feel far beyond the normal range. When Detective Jim Ellison displays Sentinel abilities, he becomes the subject of the anthropologist's dissertation in return for help in learning to control his hyper senses. As time goes by, the working relationship turns into friendship and respect.

So, what's he look like? Eyes: blue and really big and cute; Hair: long, dark brown with reddish highlights, naturally curly; Height: approximately 5' 7"


 Background: Mother: Naomi Sandburg (a vegetarian, globe trotting free spirit, and a babe.) Father: Unknown, even to Blair. Timothy Leary was however one of his mother's boyfriends at the time (wink wink.). There is also an un-named maternal uncle and some cousins - one of whom is a bookie (possibly an illegal activity in America).

Currently working on completing his Ph.D. in Anthropology, this entails teaching classes and handing in updates for his dissertation. He has an office at Rainier, just a storage closet in the first season, it's been upgraded to a proper room with a cool glass door panel. He minored in Psychology. Went to Rainier for collage education (started young). Shoplifted a microscope when he was a kid ie was a science geek.

Was a welder in a sheet metal plant for two summers. 'Fastest torch on his crew'.

Once drove across country with his uncle in a truck (job? Maybe?)

Likes to eat exotic food, his favorite is Tongue. Other things include: ostrich chilli (low in fat and cholesterol!); sushi; Dim Sum; Cuban cuisine; bagels; lobster; ice cream cones.

He likes to drink: Red wine; coffee; herbal tea; beer.

Has a phobia about hights, and possibly of spiders. His spirit animal is the wolf.

Blair's taste in clothes is usually casual, and leans toward plaid. There are some nice, very in, grunge look outfits too. And the tuxedo... yum. Some of the things he wears out include: Hounds-tooth elbow patched Professors jacket; Red-plaid lumberman's jacket; Hunter green sports jacket; Brown leather jacket; Black leather jacket; Carmel-brown long-sleeved shirt; Green and red plaid long-sleeved shirt; Short-sleeved jersey; Red shirt, no collar; Black slacks; Ripped jeans; Nike sneakers (Size 8 1/2.) Argyle socks; Grey fingerless mitts; Bulky brown knit gloves; Grey fake fur hat with earflaps. And he carries a black backpack, Swiss army knife and lap top with him most of the time. Wears oval framed glasses to read. (again,...yum.) He has one pierced ear and sometimes wears hoops in it. There is an alleged pierced left nipple. He wears short and colorful ethnic 'guy' necklaces.

He drove an old green Corvair convertible till it was stolen and trashed. Now he has a steel blue-ish 62 Volvo. He thinks of his cars, despite always breaking down on him, as 'classics'.

Jim has lot's of nicknames for Blair, including: Chief (a Richard Burghi-ism, he uses it in his previous series "One West Wakiki." and to a bad guy in "The Sentinel"); Boy Scout; Coach; Conan; Darwin; D'Artagnan; Dr. Ruth; Genius; Junior; Kemo Sabe; Lancelot; Mr. Outdoors; My Little Guppy; Neo-Hippie Witch-Doctor Punk; Professor Darwin; Romeo; Short Eyes; Sparky; Sunshine; Tarzan; Teach; Tiger.

Other nicknames include: Hair Boy; Hairy Blairy; Lamb Chop; Mr. Natural; Sandy; Sport.

Fan nicknames include, The Gupster, Gupcake, Guppy. (Jim called him, My Little Guppy once, and in light of his various water excursions, it stuck.) The rally cry after the dip in the fountain for the seasons end cliff hanger was 'Damp, Not Dead!'; and someone Blair has bested is said to be 'Guppy Whipped!'

Blair lived in a big warehouse, but it was blown up, so he finagled his way into Jim's Loft. He has a lot of energy, and set's an alarm clock to let him know when it's time to go to bed, else he forgets to sleep. He is a babe magnet. The guys at the bullpen give him a tough time, but he tries hard to fit in. He is too unique an individual to really do that. So he beats them at cards instead.

"How to be Cute" by Blair Sandburg.

Jim Ellison : the Sentinel.

So, what's he look like? Eyes: blue. Hair: dark brown and crew cut. Height: Tall. That is, taller than Blair. Not as tall as Simon. er... about 6'2". Body: nice, very nice. I believe the expression is "he has good definition." :)~~~~~



Background: Father: William Ellison, Mother: Grace (Mary Margaret on a picture, but proven to be a prop misdemeanor. Bad Prop people!). Sally: the maid/housekeeper who helped bring he and his brother up, Younger Brother: Steven Ellison, Cousin: Rucker Ellison, Ex-wife: Carolyn Plummer.

Currently works as a plain-clothes detective with the Major Crime Unit of the Cascade, WA, Police Department. Previously worked Vice. Transferred to Captain Simon Banks' unit four years before pilot episode. Original partner after transfer from Vice was Jack Pendergrast. Became Officer of the Year twice so far. Before that, he was in the army. He held the rank of Captain in the US Army Special Services, Covert Ops. He became the sole survivor of an army helicopter crash in Peru. Listed Missing in Action and presumed dead he was stranded alone for 18 months in the jungle.

He has a fear of deep water when out of sight of land. His Spirit animal is a black jaguar.

Jim craves junk foods like Wonder Burgers, Egg Fu Yong (even for breakfast), candy bars, hot dogs, Dim Sum, chow mien with plum wine, donuts, prune danish, Tandori, pizza and cakes. He does not like Pineapple.

He likes to drink: Red wine, coffee, and beer.

Jim's tastes in clothes are dress casual. Looks very nice in a tuxedo also. And the jungle look he sports on occasion is very nice, very yummy. He also wears out: Dark green car coat with brown leather collar, Black leather jacket, Dark brown leather jacket, Short cobalt blue jacket, Burgundy red linen shirt, Dark brown v-neck sweater, Black slacks, Black hiking boots, Black baseball cap, Kevlar vest (oh, yum.), a police-issue gun that's holster location varies. Shoulder holster or ankle holster or holster at small of back. And he wears white socks. With everything. :)

He has driven (and subsequently wrecked) a red Land Rover, a green Ford F-150 Lariat pickup truck, a blue Ford Expedition Sport Utility Vehicle, teal blue-ish, (that people call the 'mommy car' in fandom.). He also wrecked Simon's new car when he picked up Megan from the airport. Jim has been driving a 1969 blue Ford F250 pick-up that he has called 'Sweetheart'. He has so far managed to hold on to the white n' blue Ford Ranger for an entire series! For all but the first car, he has had the same license plate -- 804-GDT.

Some of Jim's nicknames are: Blessed Protector; Beef Stick; Colombo; Cowboy; Hero; James; Jimbo; Jimmy; Kojack; Slick; Tough Guy; Uncle Jim.

Jim owns the apartment he lives in, called The Loft. It was a fairly stark and empty place, until Blair Sandburg moved in. Now he barely manages to keep it tidy, and has installed numerous house rules to try to stem the Sandburg inspired chaos. He colour codes Tupperware so their leftovers aren't mixed up. And doesn't permit the toilet to be flushed after 10pm. Blair and his numerous tests drive the detective up the wall, but they have saved his life enough now that he is beginning to accept them. He has even grown quite fond of the neo hippie witchdoctor punk he shares his home, spare time and holidays with. Sheesh.

"How to be Buff" by Jim Ellison.

Simon Banks : the Boss.

So what's he look like? Eyes: brown. Hair: black crew cut. Height: sodding tall. (6'4")


Captain of the Cascade Police Major Crimes department. Knows about and works with Jim's special abilities.

He likes to eat pineapple danish (so Jim won't eat any!) and drink flavoured coffees, he has his own coffee machine in his office. He wears glasses, wide ties and comfortable suits to work. He wears his gun in a shoulder holster.

Drives a brown Crysler. He had a new one, but Jim killed it. And the only available car in the department pool lot was a lipstick colored one. Heehee.

He is also divorced, has a son named Daryl, likes to fly fish and owns a horse called 'Little Stogie'. He smokes cigars and heads a 'Cigar Club' made up of members of the bullpen (Rafe, Brown, Taggart.). Blair is an honorary member and is hit on to give racing tips to the guys (who also have stakes in Little Stogie.)


Megan Conner : Visiting Detective

Played by Anna Galvin

 What's she look like? Eyes; brown. Hair; long spiral brown/black. Height; er, um, taller than Blair. Not as tall as Simon.

An Australian exchange program detective, Conner can kick ass. She can handcuff the bad guys faster than Jim, out lie Blair, and boss Simon around. She fights somewhat aggressively <g> and works somewhat uniquely <eg>. She seems to have ended up partnered to Simon, after an, er, unsuccessful pairing with Jim. She also worked out Jim's abilities, and is cool with it all.

Her father is a bookie, (legal in Australia) and she has a couple of brothers. Her dad believes in Physic Phenomenon. She first believed Jim had 'the gift', and Blair encouraged her in this for as long as he could. When driving, she has a bit of a problem staying on the right side of the road, and currently gets lifts with the others. Her excursion into Taxi nabbing was also, er, not really a success. For a translation on the Australian words she sometimes uses, go here. (Please be of legal age before hitting this link, there are some swear words there.)

She has worn: A coat with fake pink fur trim (Jim asks if it's pink dingo fur.); crushed gray pant suit and long jacket; long red jacket (all jackets with nipped in waists and slits at the back, so she can jump on a horse or motorbike at any time!); purple velvet short coat.

My jewelry! Made from Polly Clay, these are Wolf and Panther pendants, with paw prints and a plaque that says 'Give Your Guide A Bone' as well.


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