Fire Frog's

Cat's of Sleepy Hollow.

A Fire Frog Enterprises Production!

When things went spooky and weird in Sleepy Hollow, nobody thought about the cats. But in truth, they were involved - paw deep. If you don't believe me, take a look! Here they are, trouble making all the way.

The pre flaming windmill scene.

Southern Cross contemplates the prospect of lightly toasted mouse. She wonders if these humans will oblige by setting the wind mill on fire for her? No problemo! One order of flaming vermin, coming right up!

HH with lap cat.

Kismet finds a warm lap in even the most unlikely of places. And even a Headless Horseman knows better than to get up until she's ready. There are some vital bits close to claw level that even an undead revanat would rather be left untouched.

T of D, plus HH's sword.

Cinnibar helps Ichabod find the HorseMan's sword, marker of his final resting-place. Well, ok, he was just scratching his claws on the bark of The Tree of The Dead when this human stumbled up, but you know...he would have helped, if he'd known.

Grave yard, Masbeth funeral.

Black Jack looks at the nicely dug hole and contemplates his kitty litter needs of the moment. Maybe when all the excitable humans have gone...

The Widow Wincip autopsy.

Tiger Lilly finds the loss of one woman's head is the gain of some kitty's sunbeam lounge.

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