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How To Play The Game.

Mi Ni Pai is a solitaire tile matching game. It is a memory game, you must remember where the pairs are, then match them in such a way that other pairs are released to be matched as well.

The object of the game is to remove all of the tiles from a semi pyramid layout. Tiles must be removed in matching pairs, and only tiles which are not "trapped" may be chosen. A tile is trapped if it has other tiles on both sides or directly on top of it (even partially).

Examples of Trapped Tiles.

(Note: not the tiles you will be playing with, just examples...)

The pink tile can not be chosen, it is 'boxed' or 'trapped'. The both of the green could have been chosen, if they had been a matching pair. Each has a 'free' side.


These pink tile's can not be chosen, they have other tiles 'stacked' on top of them. The green one can be chosen.


Pink tiles can not be chosen, even though they are a pair, as their sides aren't free -they are 'offset boxed'. The green can be chosen, but not to match with each other, as they are not a pair.


Non of these can be paired up, as their matching partners do not have a 'free side', but rather both are 'boxed in'. It is an 'un-winnable' set.

This is what a tile that can not be chosen
sounds like when you click on it.

You must click on a tile to choose it.
A chosen tile should 'pop up' and make this noise
- It is the sound of the crones crow!

Next click on a matching tile to remove
the pair. Matched pairs should float
away making this noise.

If you have been tricked or hit the
wrong tile and it is not a match,
you should hear this noise
- the cry of Daredevil, the
horseman's black mount!


When you match all 4 tiles in a set, you may be treated to a bonus image.

When you remove the last pair of tiles
you have won, and get to see the hidden
background picture! Yay!

Other Commands:


Get a clue (repeat for better clues)

Control -N

Start a new game


Start this game over


Undo the last match


Redo the last undo




Options screen

Go to..Game.


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You may need to update your Java capabilities to enjoy this game, try:

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