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Sleepy Hollow - The Movie!

Plot: This is the latest version of the classic short novel "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving. In 18th century New York City, a young constable by the name of Ichabod Crane uses science to help solve police investigations. His newfangled ways are seen as a potential threat by the brutish establishment, and Crane is sent upstate to the small town of 'Sleepy Hollow' to investigate several mysterious murders. There his investigative techniques are to be on trial. He must solve the mystery or admit defeat. Will he go?

"I will."

In the dark sinister western woods on the outskirts of Sleepy Hollow, several decapitated bodies have been found. They are believed to be the work of a ghostly apparition in the form of a headless axe-wielding (German) Hessein mercenary riding a midnight black horse (Daredevil!). The Horseman was beheaded in the western woods, and lays claim to 'a head for a head!'

"I stand up; for sense, and reason!"

Once in the isolated, mainly Dutch township, Constable Crane is out of his depth. A man of reason and science, he struggles with the idea that the murders could be paranormal in nature, and is at times easily frightened by the very thought. While the town residents think that this headless horseman is a supernatural creature of evil, he discovers a possible conspiracy among the town elders, who seem to be protecting someone mortal who may or not be the killer.

"How much have you been told?"

Ichabod is staying with the family Van Tassel, and Katrina VanTassel causes Ichabod romantic turmoil. A beautiful young woman, she has several town boys chasing her. Brom Van Brunt heads the pack, and he and Crane become rivals of sorts.

"He's not after you!"

About the only help Ichabod gets from the townsfolk is from the stable man Killian and the orphan boy, Young Masbeth, whom he takes under his wing. Killian supplies him with the glorious Gunpowder to ride, and despite not having ridden in the city, Icabod gets to do some pretty tricky maneuvers on that old horse!

"Nice horsey. This way."

The plot thickens, with betrayal and treachery, and five more murders. Who is to be trusted? Can the timid Ichabod face the terror of the horseman, when he can't even over come his fear of spiders? Or will he 'shoot his bolt' and leave Sleepy Hollow without a champion?

"Kill it! Kill it! No...Stun it!"

As Crane continues his investigation, using his collection of unusual inventions, including performing his first autopsy, the town folk begin to turn against him. He has dreams of his own long-surpressed childhood, and re lives the actions that saw him choose the path of reason so long ago. With Katrinas help he tries to reconcile his intellectual side with his emotional and spiritual one. As things point more and more towards both a killer of 'flesh and blood' and a supernatural being, Icabod can no longer deny the truth. Confronted by witches, revenants, and a gateway into hell itself, he must believe the unbelievable. He must faces his fears, win his love, defeat the evil and return to New York,

"Just in time for the Nineteenth Century!"



Johnny Depp .......... Ichabod Crane
Marc Pickering .......... Young Masbath
Christina Ricci .......... Katrina Van Tassel
Miranda Richardson .......... Lady Van Tassel/Crone
Michael Gambon .......... Baltus Van Tassel
Casper Van Dien .......... Brom Van Brunt
Jeffrey Jones .......... Reverend Steenwyck
Christopher Walken .......... Hessian Horseman
Ray Park.....................Headless Horseman
Richard Griffiths .......... Magistrate Phillipse
Ian McDiarmid .......... Doctor Lancaster
Michael Gough .......... Notary Hardenbrook
Christopher Lee .......... Burgomaster
Mark Spalding .......... Jonathan Masbath
Lisa Marie .......... Lady Crane
Steven Waddington .......... Killian
Claire Skinner .......... Beth Killian
Alun Armstrong .......... High Constable
Jessica Oyelowo .......... Sarah
Martin Landau .......... Van Garrett

 And don't forget the romantically spooky score that Danny Elfman composed!


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