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10 Weirdest Things Eaten By Me.
Paper (sheets thereof).
Cupcake cups (Not the colored ones, they taste yukky).
Melted wax from candles (yum).
Hydrochloric Acid (HCL, it took the enamel off the back of my teeth. I am told SO4 tastes worse though. I don't think I'll try it).
The sticks off lolly pops (yum).
Beach Sand.
(Geology class).
A Science Experiment (well it looked just like meringue! Tasted gross).

  10 Things I Wish I'd Never Done.
Suck up HCL in a pipette.
Smash beyond repair the car I was learning to drive in.
Backed into a family Sedan.
Try to roll the Van (Blue Demon) and backed into a new Volvo.
Sneezed with a mouthful of vodka. The vodka said - hello room.
Pulled in front of that Semi full of wheat, going down hill at 120k.
Not giving way at a highway when going for my B class license
in the big old One Tonner.
Running over those two pedestrians, the work pump and that darn rabbit.
Hitting the telecommunication line when putting up my front yard fence.
Believe my work was going to see me right after I hurt my back.

  10 Things I'm Glad I've Done.
Known and loved SouthernCross.
Released BonBon the Hermit Crab back into the wild.
Achieved my First Aid Certificate.
Insisted there was something wrong when others said there wasn't (
can you say 'brain tumour' Doctor? )
Entered the Miss Australia Contest.
Learnt to read.
Flunked basic maths in high school, then went back and got A's in TAFE.
Did the Seven Habits of Effective People seminar.
Got and used ever after a Personal Organizer I call Chaos (
Chaos is my life ).
Did not 'put to sleep' either Cinnabar with FID's or Fire with 'Wobbles'. Years later and they were still going strong.
Entered the cyber age.

  10 Favourite Sci-fi Shows.
StarTrek; The Original
Doctor Who.
StarTrek; Deep Space Nine.
Blake's Seven.
Lost in Space.
StarGate; SG1.
The Tomorrow People.
The X-Files

  10 Favourite Cop Shows.
City Homicide
Criminal Minds.
CSI original
CSI New York
Crossing Jordan
Due South.
Blue Healers.
Boston Legal.

  10 Favourite Cartoons.
The Real Ghostbusters.
Rocko's Modern Life.
Kimba The White Lion.
The Simpsons.
Scoody Doo.
Mighty Mouse.
Care Bears.

  10 Shows I Used To Watch Before They Were Axed.
The Wombles.
Batman (Zap, Pow!).
The Sentinel.
Starsky & Hutch.
Burkes Backyard.
Northern Exposure.
21 Jump Street.
Will and Grace.
Good News Week.

  10 Best Film Series.
Lord Of The Rings.
Jurassic Park.
Mother Goose Bedtime Stories.
Bond, James Bond.
Star Trek Movies.
Indiana Joan.
Back To The Future.
Revenge of The Killer Tomatoes
( see 10 worst )

10 Best Films.
The Lion in Winter
The Princess Bride.
The Dark Crystal.
Sleepy Hollow.
Lady Hawk.
In & Out.
Pricilla, Queen of the Desert.
Lord of The Rings.

Best Thrillers
Demon Under Glass
Red Dragon

10 Worst Films
'Lion Man!' (rraAAW!) all time winner is!
Crybaby (
with Johnny Depp)
Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes. (
So bad it's good).
Sequels to Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes (
also good).
Deathstalker 2.
Copland (
I laughed, I cried, I envied the guy next to me who fell asleep.).
2001; A Space Oddity. (
I didn't get it.)
Holiday in Tasmania
(a home video. The best bit was a blank screen shot with the sound of snoring in the background. The rest was campsites, green ferns by the bulldozers worth, and yes, a roadkill Tasmanian Devil.)

10 Top Poems.
Captain Beaky. By Jeremy Lloyd.
Baby Owl. By Jeremy Lloyd.
The Cat that Walked by Himself. By Rudyard Kipling.
The Man from Ironbark. By Banjo Patterson.
Hodge, The Cat. By SC Woolsey.
Pangur Ban. By an Irish Monk (8th century).
The Man from Snowy River. By Banjo Patterson
Geelong Polo Club. By Banjo Patterson.
Stray Cat. By Francis Withers.
Brumby Jack. By Alex Hood.

10 Top Foods.
Nanny & Grandads Macaroni Cheese.
Chip Butty with fried egg and tomato-sauce.

Roast Vegies; Parsnip, pumpkin, potato & carrots.
Yorkshire Pudding.
Soft boiled egg with soldiers.
Jaffles (cheese, b-bean, egg).
Bubble & Squeak.
Cheese & Pineapple Pizza.
Sweet Bean Dum Sum.

  10 Top Desserts.
Magnum Classic Ice-cream.
Fairy Bread.
Apple Turnovers.
Blueberry pie.
Apple pie.
Chocolate Mud Cake.
Bowl of cream with strawberries and sugar.

10 Top Non-Alcohol Drinks.
Zero Coke a Cola.
Red Creaming Soda.
Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate.
Ginger beer.
Dick Smith's Drinking Chocolate.
Chilled Watermelon Juice.
Sunraisiers Honey & Lemon Drink.
Norfolk Punch.

Red Bull.

10 Top Alcoholic Drinks.
Bailey's Irish Cream.
Sake (room temperature).
Brown Brothers Reserve Port.
Cavesham Dry Red,
Belgian White Chocolate Liqueur.
Fluffy Duck.
Vodka & Lemonade.
Toohey's Old (Beer).

10 Top Singers.
Elton John.
Christine A Wilson.
David Bowie.
Boy George.
Slim Dusty.
Rolf Harris.
Bernard Bolan.
Dame Kiri te Kanawa.
Peter Gabriel.

10 Top Bands.
Steel Eye Span.
Dead or Alive.
Smashing Pumpkins.
The Petshop Boys.
The Wurzils.

10 Top Songs.
Babe Theme Song.
Oh Danny Boy.
Thomas the Rhymer.
We Must Believe In Magic (Alfa centari).
Wombles Theme.
Lone Ranger Theme.
The Gnome Song.
Pure Mourning.
Beethoven's Dum dum da dar song. You know it.
Silent Night.

  The End.  
What sort of a creature is man?
Me, I'm on the side of the angels...

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