Fire Frog's 

 Wishing Well Wave

The other night I watched the devastation on TV from the tsunami. I wondered what I could do to help. I'm not a doctor, I don't have any spare generators or hospital supplies to send over, I couldn't offer my skills at building infrastructures or locating separated families. So what could I do?

Well, I am the queen of crap craft! I make tonnes of wobbly hobby goods all the time! (That's why I have such good craft pages, I know about all the mistakes that are possible and am persistent enough to cobble together a fix-it for every stuff-up.)

So I made these wave dangles. They are a wave made from various materials (pipe cleaners, polyclay, pompoms, paper, foam sheets etc) with a teardrop diamante in the centre to show the sadness the tsunami brought.

Wishing Well Waves

I took these dangles into work and left a brief message, basically - 'If you want a wave please take one and leave a donation, it will go to the Red Cross.'

And by the end of the day the cup I had left for donations was full. Only the nice dangles had been taken, but the display of waves caught people's eye and they responded to it.

I am inviting you, if you want to, to make your own waves and see if friends and family will donate for them. Why wait for the official soft toy 'charity bear' to be sold at the super markets, we can make our own strait away! Those hit by the tsunami will need all the help they can get, as soon as possible. Please help.

Thanks for reading.

Fire Frog


Polyclay wave

This wave is made using Polyclay.
Strung on metallic thread with clear shimmer beads. Hole for hanging put in before curing.

foam and pipe-cleaner wave

Far left is a foam wave, on the right are 2 pipe cleaner waves using tube beads and clear shimmer ones.

glitter wave

Wave made from various sized pom poms. Uses a small glued on diamante - as do the ones above.

glitter wave

Foam wave, pipe-cleaner wave with larger pink diamante, card dipped in glitter wave and more Polyclay ones.

Added bit. Some time has past now, charity fatigue has come and gone.
It's time for a Second Wave!
Please don't forget these people, they still need us.
Thank you.

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