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Okay, we've all done it. Pay day has come around, we've gone to the craft store and come back with a packet of pop-sticks, some plyboard stars, a half a dozen wooden hearts and no idea what to do with them.

Well, here are a few ideas. Hope they help. Further down the page I will be putting some of my home made cutouts too. Enjoy!


 Pop-stick puppets, bookmarks, plant sticks, mini wands. Just paint up some of those plyboard stars, hearts etc, add gems, glitter and taa daa! (pop-sticks are also called craft-sticks and ice cream sticks.)

I helped this simple star keep its shape by soaking the sticks in water first then putting them in place to dry. The wood warped into shape and was then easy to glue for extra security. A bunch of these would make a nice wind chime thingy.

wooden hearts

Wooden hearts can be done up very nice all by themselves and hung on ribbons. Just place a nail or three on the lintel besides the door and hang 'em up. A set of three in varying sizes looks very nice.

These popper people were made using used party poppers, wooden beads (for the heads) googly eyes, finals, diamantes, shells and some popper streamers.

Market stall. 

On the far right you can see a little blue plaque I've made. The stars are glued onto small plugs of wood so they stand out and bracelets etc could be hung from them. There are more plywood hearts stuck on as decorations.

For more ideas see below

Popstick fruit bowl

 My Stuff!

Now, for my cut outs. Well, I sort of drew them and held the wood down so it wouldn't jump all over the table while mum cut them out with a jig saw. Run sandpaper over the edges to smooth them down, you can even shape the wood a little using sandpaper and elbow grease, although I don't recommend it.

It is important to seal your cutout projects, especially along the edge. Once water gets in the piece is soon ruined. Out door paint or a coat of decoupage sealer should do this well enough. Then paint the piece as you would like, glue on any accessories and stick 'em up!

Cat cutouts.

These fill up a space in the top of my lattice. They are screwed into place with brace brackets. The cat tails were hard to do, you should probably avoid cutting anything this thin if you can help it. The cats eyes are stuck on gems, their noses are painted on and gold rope with golden bells make their collars.

Snowman cutout, Blackjack

This Snowman cut out was fun to make. Getting the circles for his body in a strait line was hard, but necessary or he would have looked odd. At his feet are two more cutouts, a x-mas bauble and a ladybug. The bugs antenna and the snowman's arms (not shown because we were in a rush, they were made from twigs) are fitted into holes I put in the sides using a drill.

The snowman has a glued on nose, a scarf with pom poms and a glued on flower in his hat. His eyes, smile and buttons were all painted on. The two cats in the picture are Black Jack and Pinkerton.

Bungarrow lizard

This pieces tail and fingers were very hard to do. The tail is curled because we ran short of board, the fingers were supposed to have sticky pads on the ends, but ended up kind of clubbed instead. I couldn't decide if she should be a Bungarrow lizard or a tree goanna, so she is sort of a cross between the two!

She is tied to the tree with twine and stayed out in my garden for about a month before being taken down. Twine is a wonderful thing. And if you look in the background, on the verandah, you can see the shining eyes of Black Jack and Pinkerton, supervising yet again!


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