Adopt A Tribble

There are several types of Tribble available, we hope you find one that suits your web site.

Click to see the colors and fur types available.

Fluffy Tufft Tribbles.

Little Tufft Tribbles.

Megga Tufft Tribbles.

Classic Tribbles.

Hairy Mini Tribbles.

Tribbles Roughed.

Shaggy Tribbles.

Classic Mini Tribbles.



Tribbles Realistic

Mini Tribbles Realistic

Half-pint Tribbles Realistic.

Hairless & Alien Tribbles.


Having trouble naming the fur types? Here is a list to chose from. 

These fur types are available.

Tribbles Mono colored.

Tribbles Bi colored.

Tribbles Tri colored.

Tribbles Spotted.

Tribbles Striped.

Tribbles Furry.

Tribbles Splotted.

Tribbles Painted.

Tribbles Ringed.

Tribbles Spangled.

Tribbles Shaggy.

Tribbles Hairless (Rare!)

Tribbles Zig Zagged.

Tribbles Psychedelic.

Tribbles Roughed.


Warning: Due to the uncontrolled practice of picture hijacking, I shall be randomly putting up a "The Owner of this page is a Thief, they have stolen and abused this Tribble" sign in place of a tribble picture. So don't link directly to the pictures please. As I also know the quirks of the human mind, you are welcome to steal the sign if you want to.



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