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Adopters Of Tribbles!

Aubrey Doede has adopted Muzzy! Muzzy is a
'Painted Roughed' Tribble, and shares Aubrey's adoption
page with lots of other interesting critters.

Visit her at

Nikki Hietala has adopted two Tribbles. One is named Myr'sel, the other is Peko, and both are found on the same website.

Here is the URL:

Susannah Go has adopted a 'real' Tribble - a 'Silver' one named Carrie, after her friend, who sounds like a
Tribble when things don't go her way!

You can find Carrie at Susannah's cyberpets page:

Katja Boysen adopted a 'Spindle Crystal' Tribble called Randy. She has to keep an eye out for her pesky muse, it wants to feed the poor little Tribble!

Randy's new home is at:

Goldie is a very lucky Tribble indeed! Adopted by a web page devoted to the Starfleet Command 2 Fleet and Xboomslang, the Webmaster for X-Fleet.

They hold tournaments and Goldie, who is a 'Gold Classic' Tribble, is granted to the winner of The Golden Tribble Award's.

Find Goldie at this exciting web page!

Riva's Tribble, held for safe keeping on her dad's page at

This is where A Visitor's Guide to Sector 001 can be found!

Vorpal the Tribble leads a quite ferocious life with
owner Josh at

While visiting there remember the old Irish blessing - May the bird of Paradise fly up your nose and an elephant Caress you with its toes. Now - don't think of pink elephants...

George is a 'classic' Tribble and lives with Jim, a discerning owner who is also interested in computers, Star Trek, fishing and matters of faith.

Visit them at

Kristyn Solie's Tribble can be found on her BuddyProfile.

Ashlyn Brong (Glitter) has adopted Moshi, a 'Pink Classic' Tribble, to go on one of her neopet's pet pages.

Becca from 'I make my own Destiny' web blog
has adopted the golden
Find Bird at

Link, a gameboy playing 'Crystal' Tribble,
is living large at

Morth, the 'realistic/monochromatic' Tribble,
is hanging with the neopets at
eagle eyed LeGrimm's pet page
(Thanks for the certificate fix!)

Velktra has adopted a 'Crystal Spindle Alien'
Tribble called
Jojo. Find them at

Jaimie Kirk (aka Amy Hondo) the C.N.C. of
Starfleet Command Integrated Sites
loves Tribbles and has adopted three!
t3ystripe MoJo
Find them in
(under 'Ships Info')

Andrew Dunn has adopted 'Classic' Tribble Dylan and put her on myspace: (search 'People', then look up "About Me.")

Lisa adopted a 'yellow shaggy' tribble, Robin, named in honour of the guinea pig she had to give up before leaving for college. (They look astonishingly similar!) (search 'People')

Felicia adopted a blue spotted tribble (search 'People')

Cameron adopted a green tribble named Bonsai, a secret time travelling tribble named Warp (click on the picture and you will go to Warps page) and a fungus tribble named Spore

Daryl Frazetti has adopted a tribble you can find in a myspace search under "the frazetti boys" .... say hi to the trek cats!

NoahMay-xo adopted a tribble name Sammy. Find this happy pink tribble at .

Come on, get your name up here too!!

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