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Tribble Adoption Page.

Welcome to the Tribble Adoption Agency, please take a seat.

These Tribbles are trouble. Where are we going to put them all?


Come in, come in. Hope you haven't been waiting for too long. Now then, I take it you would like to adopt a Tribble? And why not, they are soft, cuddly little animals that make a pleasing sound when stroked. And they don't have any teeth, so they can't bite you!

Not long ago members of Star Fleet's Deep Space Nine space station went on a time trip which has reintroduced Tribbles into this time line. So Tribbles are available as companions again!

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How to Adopt a Tribble The Rules;
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Adoption and Choices;
Adopt A Tribble;
How To Care For Your Tribble;
My Little Tribble Page.

The Medical Good News!

Seeking to unravel some of the Tribbles mysteries, Doctor Julian Bashir has built on the preliminary notes by the acclaimed Doctor of the USS Enterprise, Doctor 'Bones' McCoy. What they have found is very exciting indeed!

Tribbles, they established, are hermaphrodites. They can mate with others or with themselves to rapidly produce babies. They can even be born pregnant!

However, Tribbles remain dormant in gender until the food source allows for rapid breeding. In fact a large percentage of Tribbles are non reproducing all their lives. And like the rabbits of ancient Earth, in times of famine a Tribble can re absorb its young until a better time comes to give birth.

The home world of the Tribbles (which long since has been destroyed by Klingons) was made up mostly of deserts and had a great many predators. The Tribbles survival technique, exploding their birth rate, saw to it that their population could compete with its harsh environment. In less prosperous times, there were fewer predators, so Tribbles didn't have to reproduce so often. In times of plenty the predators increased in numbers too, so the more Tribbles born, the more survived. With this strategy, they maintained a strong and stable population.

Take them away from their predators and give them plenty to eat and you soon have a giant problem on your hands - Tribbles in their trillions!

The important find for us is that if fed moderately Tribbles will remain sexless and not reproduce at all. No hoard of ever increasing baby Tribbles, no problems!

What does this mean? It means that Tribbles are once more available as affectionate and safe companion animals, provided that they receive loving and meticulous care and are kept on a strict diet!

How to Adopt a Tribble
The Rules.

There are a few rules before you can adopt a Tribble. You must:

1. Have a webpage, so that others can see and admire your Tribble. (*see note below.)

2. Save the Tribble you adopt to your computer, do not link to its picture. For one thing, the picture may be removed so another Tribble can be displayed.

3. Please have a link back to here on the page near your Tribble, or on an adoption link page, if you have other adopted critters as well. These little Tribbles were drawn by Fire Frog, so DO NOT put them on your page and say that you created them, it would make me sad. The link can be just the address -
or show the Adoption Certificate below.

Just re-size it how you want and add the link.

4. When you have established your Tribble on a page email Fire Frog to let her know where her Tribble has gone to live.

Mail Me Quick!

Please send your email address and the code address for the page your Tribble will be staying on. There will be a return link set up on the Adopters of Tribbles table, so other people can come and visit the Tribbles, and see your site as well!

Visit the Adopters Of Tribbles Page Here

Also tell Fire Frog which type of Tribble you have decided to Adopt, the name you have chosen for it, and any other details you want to include!

*Okay, if you don't have a web page to show off your tribble you can print out a picture of a Tribble and stick it on your wall etc, etc. But don't tell anyone you drew it please - I would be upset.

Adoption and Choices.

The time has come to view and select the perfect Tribble for you. May you and your Tribble find happiness together!

To adopt a Tribble, simply choose which one you would like to adopt. Right-click on it and choose "Save as" or what ever your software needs to save stuff with. Save it to your computer, and later upload it to your web page.

Adopt A Tribble

How To Care For Your Tribble.

Do Not Over Feed

This is very important. Select one small food item to keep with your Tribble, but be very careful not to include any others!

It might be nice to place your Tribble on a page with other Adopted Critters, so they can keep each other company.

Or you can take your Tribble away with you and make it a fun place to stay at it's own web page, complete with information like : name, lineage, famous relatives (the third Tribble on the right from one actually held by Captain Kirk!). Items of use can also be placed there i.e. a comb, shampoo, trimming scissors, baby blanket, show ribbons, toys, trampolines, mini-cloaking device, little toys, a food treat (just one!) a bed and other items - whatever you want. You can find many pictures of things you may want to give your Tribble on the internet. Be sure not to steal any, ask permission and provide links back to any art galleries. You can see an example of a Tribble Page here, at
My Little Tribbles Page.

Sing to your Tribble and stroke its fur gently, they like this. If happy your Tribble will purr.

Stroke little Mopo below and hear the purr of a Tribble.

Lets bring em home!

These two helped bring the Tribbles back in one of the coolest episodes ever - Trials and Tribbulations!

Engineer Miles O'Brien and Doctor Julian Bashir, we salute you!


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