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Tree trimming, it can be a great family bonding ritual. However, I have seen trees that look like the family stood back and hurled the decorations on their tree. Fast and messy can be fun, but the ritual of putting a tree together right is often more rewarding, and looks a whole lot better.


Make sure your tree is firmly balanced. Cats will try and climb it, small children clamber over it, and drunken guests walk into it. So, firmly balanced.

Buy a tree big enough for your needs. An over hung tree looks sad and can easily over balance. A huge tree with few presents under it is depressing. All trees have their advantages, think carefully what your needs are going to be, now and in the future, before buying.


Place your tree out of the way of traffic, leaving room if possible for people to sit around it on the floor, opening presents. In Australia, we like to put our trees in front of a window so the merry sight will cheer everyone passing by. In a corner of the lounge room is also a favourite, less sides to decorate, or be knocked into.

The nearer a power outlet the better if you are going to use lights, trailing cords will cause accidents. Check strings of lights before putting up for fraying and burnt out globes. Replace damaged globes. Remember to keep paper ornaments away from the tree lights and face the globes outwards so they can be seen best.

For more on Xmas Fairy lights, go here.

If you have a slender tree with few, thin branches and sparse foliage; use delicate lighting, moderate ornaments, little tinsel. Less is more with such trees.


This tree is overhung with big ornaments.

Try to match the ornament colours to the scheme of the room it will be in. Alternatively, put some of the same ornaments up elsewhere in the room, i.e. tinsel and silk balls wrapped around candlesticks, as wreaths over the door etc.

Lights should go up first, if you are going to use them (we don't). Zigzag strings over the front of a tree that is backed into a corner or against the wall. Loop from top to bottom otherwise, as you would with tinsel.


The zigzag.

Trim your tree with tinsel, strings of glass beads/popcorn/strung flowers etc, paper chains and other swags. Place smaller, lighter colored strings at the top, try to balance the draped effect so the tree isn't top or bottom heavy.


Now put on the baubles, again start with the smaller ones at the top. There are so many things to put on a tree, fragile glass baubles, lovely cat attracting satin balls, small toy ornaments, crackers, bows, little packets of sweets, religious icons, paper cutouts, flowers, candy canes, bells etc ... Unusual items, like sea shells or stuffed toys, can add charm to a well planned tree.


Classic Glass Baubles.

In many house holds the putting on of the top ornament, usually a star or angel, is made the special job of one person. This probably stems from the fact that it can be the most dangerous to put on too. But it is a nice ritual any way, every one waits for Dad/Mum/Grandad/Nan to put up the final shinning centrepiece of the tree, and it is complete, Xmas is officially here, the season of good will is upon us.


Don't forget, if the decorations are not taken down and put away before six days after Xmas, they will have to stay up all year, or it will bring bad luck. 

Of course, the preparation for Xmas begins a lot earlier than the putting up of the tree. There are ornaments to make, socks to be decorated, wreaths to be made. See below for some fun Xmas projects.



Why not make some home made greeting cards!

Xmas pulling crackers.

Sequined balls.

Xmas shapes.

Safety pin Angels.

Paper Angels.

Ball of sweets on a stick Xmas tree.


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In Elizabethan times they used to play a game called Snap Dragon. First raisins were soaked in brandy. Then an adult would set them alight and the children would try and snatch a raisin before being burnt! I have often read the name of the game before in books, but never knew what it was until I read an old Xmas book. Now I know, but it doesn't sound like fun to me!

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