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May 2006

Komodo 1 15.1 MB

Komodo Night 13.2MB


Lembeh Strait May 2006

Crabs at Lembeh 16 MB

Pipes and Horses 21.1 MB

Nudis and Friends 16.5 MB

Welcome to WOZZYGAL


This website showcases some video clips from my holidays.


All clips are copyrighted to the owner and cannot be used for commercial purposes.


These clips are large. The best way to

view these clips is to save them to your computer by:


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New York City

Nov 2006

(non diving)

NYC 1 14.2 MB

NYC2 9.98 MB

NYC3 21.4 MB



Rowley Shoals

Nov 2006

Cod Hole 18.8 MB

Mermaid Reef 1 17.5 MB

Bali April 2005

Liberty Wreck 19.5 MB

Lembeh Strait

June 2007

Ornate Beauties  21 MB 

Lembeh Nights  32 MB