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Scanetics Photographic Scanning Service & Printer Supplies

Kits and Cartridges Available.

The range of kits and cartridges that are available are quite extensive. We sell a full range of refill kits for all Ink Jet and Bubble Jet printers in the Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, IBM/Lexmark and Apple printer range. These kits come complete with everything that is needed to refill your cartridges. Each kit is designed specifically for it's intended cartridge and the ink is matched to the manufacturers specifications. The savings by refilling your own cartridges can be up to 90% on the purchase of an OEM cartridge. Refill kits pictured below.

Black and Colour Refill Kits.

Non-genuine replacement cartridges.

Compatible cartridges are non-genuine replacement cartridges. These cartridges are the same as your original equipment manufactured cartridges except that they do not carry the OEM brand name. They fit and work in exactly the same way as the genuine cartridge and with the same life span. The savings on using these compatible cartridges can be anything from 10% to 40% on the purchase price of an OEM cartridge.

For prices and availability just phone, fax or email.